Iguazu to have Argentina’s first permanent airport

Iguazu (The Voice of Cataratas) Herrera said that folders containing documentation have already been distributed for the installation of the solar panels, which will be installed in the parking lot of the Iguazu International Airport upon approval, “The good news is that we have made agreements and decisions.” If we do this, it will be the first sustainable airport in Argentina.

“Iguazu: sustainable or sustainable tourism”: Drive Memorable Drives to Work The Intrinsic Nature of the Missionary. All this takes place in a continuous framework of training for the integration of all actors and sectors, Integrate tourist proposition, develop extraordinary destination day by day, Herrera highlighted Iguazu worldwide for its presentation as sustainable places Most valuable ranking.

With the motto of “sustainability for growth and job creation”, the Gastronomic Hotel Business Federation of the Argentine Republic (phehgra) XX FEHGRA organizes the 2023 Gastronomic Hotel Tax Colloquium with the aim of bringing the analysis of the tax situation back on the agenda. In this way, FEHGRA seeks to promote initiatives that become tools to promote the development of the region, which is key to job creation and the development of regional economies.

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