Ihattaren, the first interview is an attack: “No salary and agreements not respected at Sampdoria”

Long interview with Telegraaf for Mohamed Ihattaren, Juventus midfielder on loan to Sampdoria who returned to the Netherlands at the beginning of this season and where he is training alone together with the football legend orange, Gerald Vanenburg. “I have to get back in shape, I know I can do it quickly: it was already evident in the summer, now I want to sweat. I want to feel that I’m playing football again and it’s fantastic.” In the course of the chat, Ihattaren denies that he was nowhere to be found. “It is not correct, it is shocking to read it. Everything has been said but they have never spoken to me.”

On the farewell to Sampdoria “I left because of the circumstances that arose there. At nineteen I was sitting in a hotel room, alone, left to fend for myself. I couldn’t take it anymore, all kinds of agreements were not respected. As if did not exist “.

“No salary” The player explains that he did not receive a salary at Sampdoria and that he then made a decision independently. He suddenly returned to the Netherlands and disappeared from the radar. “Nothing was organized, bank account or insurance. So I chose for myself, there was no more confidence. But certainly not lost … It was enough to ask Utrecht, Afellay, Labyad, they would see me there. What if I broke my leg at Sampdoria? I didn’t get a salary, I called the team manager and he said ‘we pay every two months’. It didn’t happen and all this started to irritate me. I didn’t play, I wasn’t playing. doing, there were no prospects and I called Raiola. And he told me to stay calm “.

On the return to Holland “When I arrived at Sampdoria, there was no one but the team manager. I took pictures with the shirt, training the next day. Then I saw people in suits and I said ‘these are the managers, pieces I don’t know, they could also have been taxi drivers, they had no idea who I was. And the coach (D’Aversa, ed) didn’t even know I was left handed. But I thought ‘I’m alone and I’ll come up with something nice . Play and be silent ‘”.

On the physical condition “I had an MRI of my knee three times, one of which was an hour and a half from Genoa. I don’t know why. Each time there was no damage, I was fine and I wanted to train, but it seemed they didn’t understand me or didn’t want to. I felt like I was on vacation, there was irritation in the group because of this lack of clarity and I also had a fight with Candreva, although I respect her career a lot “.

On the farewell to PSV Eindhoven “At the end of August the countdown had started, at PSV they asked settikane when I would be leaving. Only Gerbands and De Jong, dg and dt, have always been good with me. For the coach, Schmidt, I could have gone too. with Jong PSV (second team, ed): I wanted to leave. I wanted to do it from the front door like Depay, Bergwijn and Malen, but I had to do it through the back door “.

On the return to Holland “I did it in October, after Holland-Gibraltar. The next day I went into the office of agent Ali Dursun (who chose instead of Raiola, ed) and I said ‘help me, I’ve got it all wrong. He listened my story and said that I could not be responsible. He was like a father to me: Raiola said he was worried about me, that he no longer had contacts but I am disappointed “.

On the relationship with D’Aversa “After I had decided to return to the Netherlands, Mr. D’Aversa called me to tell me that I would be the starter for the next match. They hadn’t kept any promises in Genoa and I didn’t believe him. I had lost any kind of confidence.”

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