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Iliad is preparing to enter the market of fixed telephony with its offers in Fiber, launch that this time it seems really imminent, And initially it will do so by exploiting only the coverage of the FTTH Open Fiber Fiber Network, while only later coverage will be made available on FiberCop network (TIM).

He stated it Benedetto Levi, Chief Executive Officer of Iliad, in an interview with the newspaper The sun 24 hours and published today, January 13, 2022.

As already mentioned, after some postponements compared to the times initially estimated, the 2022 it will finally be the year in which Iliad will launch its offers for the fixed network.

That the landing on the Fiber market was now a matter of little had already been confirmed in November 2021 also during the presentation of the financial results of the third quarter of 2021 of Iliad Group, where the statement was made regarding the Italian branch “The fixed broadband offer is on the launch pad”, Besides “Imminent launch of fixed broadband”. Furthermore, in a slide relating to the group’s networks, it was specified on the fixed network of Iliad Italia “Finalization of our landline launch”.

Benedetto Levi underlines the imminence of the launch of Iliad in the fixed sector

In the last interview by Benedetto Levi published today, the operator’s CEO would have made it clear that now it would be one “A matter of days”, stating that the landing is “Now imminent” and that soon on the market there will be offers for the landline of Iliad.

While shortening the time horizon, Levi did not, however, provide any indication of the exact date starting point of Iliad fixed network offers, thus following the line, which the Iliad Group board has repeatedly reiterated, of wanting preserve the so-called launch-impact, avoiding providing precise information on the exact launch date, as well as on the operator’s strategy and on the characteristics of its offer.

And in fact, as regards the contents of the offers in Iliad fiber, Benedetto Levi did not want to reveal the details before the launch, but the operator’s CEO states that the offers will be “consistent with Iliad’s values ​​of simplicity, transparency and clarity”.

The CEO of Iliad Italia has in fact underlined that the operator intends to make it even in the Italian ultra broadband market “Same transparency operation that followed our arrival in Italy in furniture”.

Recalling the market shares achieved in three and a half years of activity in the furniture sector, according to Levi also in the fixed telephony market “There is space”, as people would have the desire to “To be able to access finally transparent offers”.

Benedetto Levi then added that people want “Know what they’re paying for. The bundle concept makes everything less clear “.

Iliadbox Fibra Open Fiber FiberCop

Iliad offers will start on Open Fiber’s fiber network

As for the support networks, Iliad will make use of two partners to enter the fiber market, that is Open Fiber and FiberCop.

As is now known, already the 7 July 2020 the agreement for Iliad’s use of Open Fiber’s FTTH fiber network, after the operator had obtained general authorization from MISE a few months earlier to also become a fixed network operator.

More recently, the August 9, 2021, Iliad announced that it has signed the co-investment agreement with FiberCop, the network company of TIM also participated by KKR and Fastweb, with the aim of developing the FTTH fiber access market.

Until now it was not clear whether the operator would have exploited both networks since the launch, as the agreement with FiberCop is more recent than the one with Open Fiber.

In this regard, the CEO Benedetto Levi clarified that at the time of launch, Iliad will initially rely only on the Open Fiber network, in particular in the black areas, that is, the main Italian cities that are also “Those most served”.

Only at a later time, on the other hand, specifies Levi, whoever wants to activate a fixed line will have Iliad available also the coverage of the FiberCop network (TIM).

Other considerations on networks in Italy

Regarding possible investments in FiberCop and the recent speculations regarding Xavier Niel (founder of Iliad) and his presence in KKR, the fund interested in the purchase of TIM, Levi does not rule out any options for the future.

Specifically, the Chief Executive Officer emphasizes that “If one of the three main operators goes on sale”, let this be “Total or partial”, Iliad will evaluate all options, even if any opportunities for mergers or purchases with the other main national telecommunications operators.

In the interview, Levi also talked about the so-called price war in the mobile segment, accusing the secondary brands of TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE (Kena, ho. Mobile and Very Mobile) of having been created only to compete on prices, of the delisting of Iliad from the stock exchange and the investment in Unieuro.

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