Iliad landline, the debut is “imminent”. Initially the coverage will be that of Open Fiber

The debut of Iliad’s fixed network offer is “imminent” announced the CEO of Iliad, Benedetto Levi, in an interview with Sole 24 Ore.

The manager did not comment on the precise timing nor did he provide commercial details regarding the content of the offer, announced last year.

Levi’s only advances concern the values ​​that Iliad has already communicated for its mobile network, namely of “simplicity, transparency and clarity“, and which it intends to propose also for the fixed network.

Iliad’s network will rely on that of Open Fiber, with which Iliad signed an agreement in 2020. This means that the two coverage will overlap: the first users who will be able to subscribe to an Iliad fixed network offer will be those where it is reached. the optical fiber of Open Fiber.

At a later time, Iliad’s fixed network will also take advantage of FiberCop’s coverage, a company in which TIM has transferred the secondary network with the future aim of merging its assets with those of Open Fiber to create a single company that invests in the wholesale optical fiber. Iliad became a co-investor of FiberCop last year.

Iliad arrived on the Italian market in 2018, after the European Commission had subordinated the clearance to the merger between Wind and Tre upon the entry of another telecommunications operator in Italy. Since then Iliad, which for now only offers mobile offers, has accumulated over 8 million customers.

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