Iliad’s fiber is coming in days, CEO Benedetto Levi confirms

Iliad's fiber is coming in days, CEO Benedetto Levi confirms

Lorenzo Delli

We knew that the launch of Iliad’s home line offers were about to arrive. The CEO himself just before Christmas he had personally confirmed to us that the Iliad fiber would arrive in the course of 2022, talking about it almost as if everything was ready for launch. However, we did not expect his debut to be so close.

Right in these hours Benedetto Levi, CEO of Iliad, confirmed to Il Sole 24 ore that the Iliad fiber will be launched in the next few days. Initially Iliad will rely on the network of Open Fiber, especially in the black areas, the best served areas of the country. The launch on the network is also planned at a later stage Fibercop.

Levi did not confirm a real day for the launch, merely saying that “The landing on fixed is imminent. We will soon be on the market with our offers”. About the offers, even here the CEO did not go too far. The goal is to carry on the “the same transparency operation that followed our arrival in Italy in furniture”, operation that apparently has rewarded the company, given the more than 8.5 million customers.

We do not expect prices that are too different from those offered by other operators for fastenings FTTH, but it is possible that there is some benefit to who it is former Iliad customer with your mobile number. Who knows if Iliad will take advantage of the situation to bring its Freebox router to Italy, which also acts as an Android TV box and is equipped with a remote control.

We will certainly keep you updated on the subject. Is your home reached by the fiber? Will you be tempted by a possible Iliad offer?

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