I’m a psychiatrist, and this is my top 8 mentally recommended Instagram accounts (and I don’t include mine)

The mental health is booming, and Instagram does not stand aside. More and more psychiatrists and psychologists are engaging in outreach through Instagram. And if these accounts are growing it is because people demand it. More and more people are looking on Instagram for videos or posts from which to learn aspects related to social media. psychiatric illnesses, the management of emotions or the psychological well-being. The most positive thing is that people have the opportunity to learn from professionals, but you have to know how to choose. Below I list the accounts that I like the most, and you will be able to verify that the accounts with the most followers are not always the best.

@patri_psicologa and @marianrojasestape, stars of psychological popularization

In the first place I am going to start with two accounts that enjoy great popularity, and it is not for less because behind these accounts are Patricia Ramrez (@patri_psicologa) and Marin Rojas Estap (@marianrojasestape), two stars of disclosure. Patricia is a psychologist and is very active on Instagram, she shares many videos and posts daily in which she alternates psychology content (with tools and resources truly useful for all audiences), aspects of his personal life and promotion of his many workshops and conferences. Marin is a psychiatrist and is also very active on Instagram, where she often shares short but inspiring quotes as well as links to his interventions in the media. In addition, Dr. Rojas is the author of two best sellers: How to make good things happen to you Y Find your vitamin person.

@dr_fmora and @Luis_gutierrez_rojas, two weighty experts in mental health

Next, I would like to recommend the account of Fernando Mora (@dr_fmora)expert psychiatrist motivation and coping both of the chronic medical illnesses as of the daily life problems. This account has just started, but I am convinced that it will grow a lot in the coming months because it offers high-quality information about mental healthas well as useful tools to improve our emotional well-being. Another interesting account, and also focused on coping with problems, is that of the psychiatrist Luis Gutierrez-Rojas (@Luis_gutierrez_rojas). Dr. Gutirrez Rojas is a great communicator and speaker, optimistic and motivating by nature, and on his Instagram account he gives guidelines on how face life with humor or how take care of our mental healthand also gives keys to educate our children with humor and accompany them in the maturation process. He has recently published his first popular book entitled the beauty of livinga clear reflection of his way of facing life.

@drjquintero and @nuria.nuez_psiquiatra, for adolescent mental health

To all those who are interested in the adolescent mental healthI recommend following the accounts of two psychiatrists specialized in this area who are the Dr. Javier Quintero (@drjquintero) and the Dr. Nuria Nuez (@nuria.nuez_psychiatrist). Dr. Quintero, recently chosen as the best child and adolescent psychiatrist in Spain by the Top Doctors portal, captures his 25-year experience in clinical practice on his Instagram, focusing on the emotional management as a basis for well-being. Taking into account its experience and professional prestige, it is placed among the basic accounts for fathers and mothers. On the other hand, Dr. Nuria Nuez offers a more young and dynamic, with greater interaction with the audience. In addition, he collaborates a lot with other accounts, which I think is very enriching for the public.

@anamasvilla and @dr.rosamolina, A podcast of mental health and wisdom mindfulness

Finally, I would like to recommend the account of the Dr. Ana Mas (@anamasvilla) Y Dr. Rosa Molina (@dr.rosamolina)both psychiatrists. Dr. Molina works at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, and is also a teacher and researcher, but for a couple of years she has also launched herself into outreach, creating a super interesting profile on Instagram where she reports in a dynamic and informative way. different on aspects related to the mental health. Together with his sister Ana Molina (dr.anamolina) he has created a podcast very formative called skinheadin which I have had the opportunity to participate, in which they develop many topics, but they focus especially on the mind-body relationship. In fact, she has recently published her first popular book entitled A full-bodied mind. For her part, Dr. Mas has created a profile in which she offers a space to address issues related to mental health from an integrated approach, influenced by systemic family therapy and mindfulness. His message is focused primarily on prevention through the promotion of healthy habits and in providing information to the population on illness and mental health, seeking remove the stigma, and encouraging early request for help when needed. The topics he deals with most frequently are those related to perinatal mental health, couple relationships, trauma and behavioral disorders.

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