I’m cleaning my blood

“Fourth day of Covid. I’m washing and cleaning my blood ”, explains the entrepreneur while undergoing the unlikely practice, widespread in the US, which consists of a transfusion of blood loaded with ozone and oxygen.

Gianluca Vacchi it turned out positive for Covid 19 and in order to recover his strength, as he himself points out, he underwent a practice widely used in the USA which, according to his personal opinion, should help the blood to oxygenate itself and therefore to heal faster. Images, those published by the entrepreneur on social media while undergoing the unusual “cure” that inevitably caused discussion.

The ambiguous “therapy” of Gianluca Vacchi

Vachi and his family spent the holidays in Miami and on Epiphany day he let his followers know that he had contracted Covid. Four days later, on Instagram, he showed a video during which a nurse subjects him to one blood transfusion via drip. “Fourth day. I’m washing and cleaning my blood”, Explains the entrepreneur in English. “This will surely help me heal faster and better”Vacchi says while the nurse explains that she has just added ozone and oxygen to the bag full of blood, before putting it back into circulation. A therapy that seems to be theself-blood transfusion. A procedure widely used in the US among Covid-positive VIPs and beyond, which is part of the so-called “blood doping”. In the world of sport it is considered illegal, as it artificially increases performance.

Vaccine controversy in Serbia

On the other hand, it is not the first time that the entrepreneur has also triggered controversy on the subject of Coronavirus. Last May he had discussed his choice to undergo the first dose of the vaccine in Serbia, in Belgrade, taking advantage of the opening of the country which until then had also allowed foreign citizens to undergo the vaccine. Vacchi and partner Sharon Fonseca had flown to Belgrade, before Serbian President Vucic made an about-face on the issue after a marked increase in the “vaccination tourism“, which would have slowed down the waiting lists for Serbian citizens.

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