“I’m fine”: The dramatic video in which Angelina Jolie runs to take refuge in a bunker while anti-aircraft sirens sound in Ukraine before a Russian attack alert


The envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Angelina Jolie, arrived in western Ukraine on a visit considered “surprise”, in which the Hollywood actress was seen meeting with groups of volunteers and the population that was displaced by the invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin.

Although the country ruled by Volodimir Zelenski is devastated by the attacks of the Russian troops, as expected, Brad Pitt’s ex caused a stir among the population who managed to see her and greet her on her journey.

The actress, who is a mother of 6 children, carried out her work as a humanitarian observer, and she experienced part of the consequences of the war when she had to face the warning of an attack.

This was the danger that Angelina Jolie experienced during her visit to Ukraine

For the residents of the city of Lviv (Leopolis), running into Angelina Jolie was quite an unexpected encounter, but it caused joy for many as they got to know the famous star of American cinema up close.

And the governor of the region Maxim Kozytski described it in the same way, through the Telegram account. “For us, this visit was a surprise”, when reviewing the reception of the actress in her country.

The media published that Angelina Jolie was in an orphanage, where she interacted with children who have been doubly affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Despite the fact that the east of the country invaded by the Russian Army is considered the safest area, the star of the big screen experienced a traumatic moment in which he unexpectedly had to walk quickly with his team, to take shelter in a bunker near the area. .

The sirens were activated alerting an anti-aircraft attack, and in a video the actress was recorded fleeing from danger, before an imminent missile attack.

In the clip you can see Angelina, wearing loose gray pants, a white blouse and a black coat, and her long hair loose, with a hurried step with the rest of the people who accompanied and guided her on the visit.

The artist waved her hand in greeting to the camera and took her time to express her physical condition when asked: “I’m fine,” she said with a face that called for calm and without expressing apparent fear, in the midst of the emergency and looking for a safe place.

The Daily Mail published that it took about 90 minutes to get to the orphanage Jolie visited, and in which her team was ordered to remain completely confidential so as not to detail the location.

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Already on the site, he sat down to talk and play with children from that center, with whom he photographed himself in several snapshots that captured the moment.

He was also at a train station in the city of Lviv, where he spoke with volunteers who care for the displaced. Here among the staff stand out the psychiatrists who offer help to those who escape from the war, which is mostly comprised of children between 2 and 10 years old.

For them, the actress had words of comfort. “They must be in a state of shock… I know how trauma affects children, I know that someone shows them how much they matter, how much their voices matter, I know how healing it is for them,” he said upon witnessing what they are experiencing. daily in Ukraine.

From a cafe, she was seen relaxing and pleasing her fans, to whom she signed an autograph for all those who approached her and requested it.

The UN made it clear that although Angelina is an ambassador of the international organization, she made the visit “privately” on April 30 and that same day at night she left for her country. (AND)

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