“I’m going to treat her with alternative medicine”

Marina Yers has messed it up again“. It almost doesn’t matter when you read that phrase, because every time her name appears on a Twitter timeline it means that some outburst has come out of her mouth or her keyboard. We met her around here when she literally assured that “water dehydrates” , then with his waste of bikini-masks, and then, among many other crazy things, assuring that those masks “have larvae”.

With serious episodes of mental derangement, the networks alternate their concern and jokes when the one from Marbella, but of Ukrainian origin, drops a bombshell. For example: a few months ago she assured that she would try to go to her country of origin to “make some YouTube videos there you freak out, killing the Russians“.

That idea did not go ahead perhaps because now she claims to be quite ill with something related to the liver and that to be cured “they ask for 60,000 euros” (?). It sounds strange, but it’s not the strangest thing we’ve heard him say and he assures that has alternatives to “traditional medicine”.

It turns out that these days, and who knows why, Marina is in Jenaro Herrera, a remote region of Peru where the population “she is super healthy and does not need to go to the doctor because the plants give them everything they need”. So much so, that he intends to treat his ailment with something called “kambo“, which is how a powerful native frog poison is known.

A quick Google search gives us the reference of the BBC, who on an expedition spoke with a local shaman who assured them that kambó “is not a remedy but a medicine.” To be more specific: “it works in three fields, the physical, the mental-emotional and the spiritual, and in the alignment of the being for its complete cure“. MMM OK.

Promising to redirect his career a few months ago, and with the supposedly busy heart by DJ Rawdolff, the embarrassment of others is a completely foreign concept -forgive the redundancy- to Marina.

Between hidden camera pranks (the last one, going to buy “chicken of the day” dressed as a bride) and exhibitions of the most gratuitous (throwing to dance on a zebra crossing in front of a Ferrari), the kambó seems to be the last call for attention of an unclassifiable influencer. We will keep reporting… even if it costs us.

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