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One of the most awaited series after the Hollywood actors strike ends “Stranger Things”, Recently, fans of the series have become convinced of a theory that resurfaces due to a Image shared by the Duffer brothers,

Let’s remember that the fourth season of the series left us many doubts like ashes that fall on the city Hawkins, Also what happened to Vecna The future of Maxine and her teenage friends, Although the makers of the series have not yet confirmed the release date They give clues about what’s to come in the fifth season of “Stranger Things.”

What is the image that created doubt in the minds of “Stranger Things” fans?

Recently fans of the American series have started to spread Theories about Maxine’s fate In the fifth season of Stranger Things. It originated from a Image shared via social networks by Ross Duffer,

This is an image where they appear Various Funko Pops of the heroes of Stranger Things, In the post you can see all the shapes above, maxine exception (played by Sadie Sink), who finds herself in the mouth Below

stranger things
Ross Duffer shares image of Stranger Things Funkos

With that track, fans believe that The character’s mind is stuck in the Upside Down, Let’s remember that during the last episode of the fourth season Stranger Things, Vecna ​​Tries to Kill Maxine To achieve higher levels of power.

However, he was not completely successful, because Eleven went to save her friend and faced the villain, Although he managed to save her, she remained Multiple fractures, blind and in coma, with the image of Ross Duffer admits his character is still alive, but on the other handAccording to Vandal.

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