Images of Miley Cyrus in Hawaii

The artist’s vacation photos surprised social networks.

Tish Cyrus with her husband. Photo: Instagram

Following a recent music release by Miley Cyrus, the singer decided to take a leave. However, the decision of the destination where he would rest took his followers by some surprise. It so happened that Miley traveled to Hawaii, but with her mother and her partner, who are celebrating their honeymoon there.

Miley Cyrus’s mother’s engagement photos

On 19th August, tish finley -better known as tish cyrus By the last name of her previous marriage – the singer’s mother married the Prison Break actor, Dominic Purcell, Months ago, she announced her engagement on her social networks, where she also shared photos from her wedding.

For their honeymoon, the couple decided to take a plane to Paradise Island, Hawaii. There Miley was captured by the paparazzi enjoying the ocean water. Wearing a black bikini, the former Hannah Montana showed off her toned body that definitely helps her cope with the demands of her demanding show.

Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend also went to his mother’s honeymoon

In addition to Miley, her new boyfriend Patrick, 23, accompanied the family on Tish’s honeymoon. On the beaches, the artist used his snorkel mask to practice the sport.

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus’ separation

After 30 years of marriage, couple Tish and billy ray cyrusMiley’s father, coming to the end of his story. In the second half of 2021, the artist and his wife started going through difficult times, so they decided to separate.

Five months after the announcement, 62-year-old Billy Ray announced his engagement to Australian singer Firoz, same age as Miley. Criticisms from the artist’s former representative revolved around the age difference.

At that time, the American media had claimed that Miley had decided to end all relations with her father. Rumors also spread about Miley’s mental state, that she may have felt used by her father after working on Hannah Montana for Disney, where both rose to global stardom.

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