“Immediately”: The United States asks its citizens to leave Russia

Moscow – The Embassy of the United States in Russia asked its citizens to leave this country “immediately”, according to a statement published on the website of the diplomatic legation.

“US citizens should not travel to Russia and those residing in or traveling (now) to Russia should leave the country immediately while there are limited business travel options.”says the note.

The statement recalls that on September 21 the Russian authorities declared a partial military mobilization to reinforce their forces deployed in Ukraine.

“Russia could refuse to recognize the US citizenship of dual nationals, prevent them from accessing US consular assistance, prohibit their departure from Russia, and call up those with both passports,” states the statement.

It also adds that currently the options to leave Russia are “extremely limited” and often not available if you do not book well in advance.

“Land routes for cars and buses are still open”, keep going.

Therefore, Americans who decide to leave Russia should do so “as soon as possible.”

The diplomatic mission warns that it has “great limitations” to assist its citizens, in addition to the fact that the possibilities of leaving the country may be “further reduced” at any time.

The declared mobilization in Russia has already caused the exodus of a large number of men of military age who refuse to fight in Ukraine and have chosen to flee the country to Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Finland.

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