Immerse yourself in the dark lake of ‘Top of the Lake’ with RTVE Play

Top of the Lake It’s a cult series that follows the investigation of detective Robin Griffin, played by Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale), who returns to his hometown of Lake Top in New Zealand, where the first season was filmed in 18 weeks. Griffin travels there to investigate the culprit of the rape of Tui Mitcham (Jacqueline Joe), the 12-year-old daughter of Matt Mitcham (Peter Mullan), a local mob boss, who disappears after discovering that she is pregnant. The series premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 and now is available on RTVE Play for free and on-line.

Jane Campion, the mind behind Top of the Lake

The New Zealand director Jane Campionone of the seven women who have been nominated for an Oscar for best film director, is the mind behind this dark thriller. His first short film, peel (1982) won the Palme d’Or for best short film at the 1986 Cannes Film Festival. And Top of the Lake It is his first work for television After more than 30 years dedicated to the big screen. campton is known for her social complaints through their emotional stories and motivates public opinion by making them think about certain situations that his characters go through. Y Top of the Lake was not going to be an exception.

Five reasons to see ‘Top of the Lake’ on RTVE Play

Five reasons to watch the series ‘Top of the Lake’ on RTVE Play RTVE

Top of the Lake is produced by Iain Canning and Emile Sherman (The king’s speech) Y has a star cast: Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale, mad man), David Wenham (The Lord of the rings), peter mullan (warhorse) Y Thomas M. Wright (Everest, Outsiders) they are the protagonists.

David Wenham plays Detective Al Parkerthe old-fashioned local police chief who also runs a bar where young criminals get a second chance, Peter Mullan is Matt Mitchellthe father of the missing girl, Thomas M. Wright as Johnno MitchamMatt’s youngest son and former boyfriend from Robin Griffin’s youth who returns to Lake Top after serving 10 years in prison for drug possession.

darkness and suspense Top of the Lake

The series has as its central axis the city’s lake, where so many events have occurred in the town. Same place where Tui Mitcham is last seen before his disappearance. The case is complicated for several reasons: Tui is five months pregnant and refuses to say who raped her, and her father is a mafia drug boss.

A dark ‘thriller’ about the disappearance of a pregnant girl

They will also complicate the investigation Detective Griffin’s emotions over a nearby rape case, which will cause his worth to the investigation to be questioned. And while she tries to discover the culprit so she can start a new chapter of her lifethere will be people interested in covering up the truth.

However, Elisabeth Moss will continue without fear until completing the path that leads to the whereabouts of the girl in Top of the Lakei talking to all the neighbors, his friends and his closest relatives… Will he be able to find her? find out in the RTVE Play.

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