Impact Aid: An illness caused her legs to grow and she is now bedridden with a weight of almost 800 pounds

A 46 year old Dominican has seen how bleak is your life He has gradually been afflicted by infectious cellulite, which has caused his legs to grow uncontrollably.

The condition has caused Cristina Jimenez to weigh almost 800 pounds, becoming one of the most severe cases of extreme obesity in the history of the Dominican Republic.

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“It makes me depressed and there are days i cryI hope God sends me to look for me, because I can’t stand the pain”, cries Jiménez, who cannot move because of the size of his legs and without the resources needed for his medical treatment.

Jimenez’s life changed radically in 2018, when he noticed that his lower limbs continued to swell and he had a high fever.

The woman recalls, “They got red, blistered and it took me a while to go to the doctor until I did and they had to admit me.”

After several studies, doctors determined that Jimenez was suffering from infectious cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection that, if not treated in time, can lead to serious complications.

The grieving woman says, “Great blisters began to open that reached down to the bone (…) They carried rotten flesh with worms.”

Since then, Jimenez spends her days in bed, always on her back, able to move only her arms and head.

“It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone,” says the affected woman. Who regrets having to depend on others to move his life forward.

However, none of those helping her on a daily basis are her daughters, who take care of their mother despite Jimenez’s fear that one day her body will not resist and they will not be able to do much to save her. . ,

“There is one who never calls me and the other comes sometimes when she can. I ask God to take care of them, even if I don’t see them,” says Jimenez, on the verge of tears.

In this context, Jiménez relies only on a brother who works as a day laborer and his neighbors in the neighborhood, who try to provide him with what he needs, although he needs food, medicine, and several medical treatments. it occurs.

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Furthermore, her condition has worsened due to the difficulty of taking her to a doctor, whom she has not seen for eight months.

“I don’t fit into cars anymore; The last time they took me, it took them three hours to get me out of the vehicle,” Jimenez says, crying.

Despite such adversity, the woman has kept her faith, hoping that one day a miracle will happen that will bring her back to life.

“I’d just like to walk. That’s all I ask of God,” he says.

Those who want to help can call: 829-301-4152

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