Importance of getting restful sleep

In order to be healthy, it is necessary that all physiological states of man are in harmony, which includes sleep. All humans need sleep to restore physiological, psychological and emotional processes. Actually, not getting enough sleep can be the cause of many physical and mental problems. How to get enough sleep hygiene? Below, we present a series of practical recommendations to help you.

What happens when we sleep?

grasp how the stages of sleep work It becomes easy to take appropriate measures to improve insomnia. The first stage is numbness and lasts about ten minutes. Getting comfortable in this phase is essential to ensure that the next phase is successful. For this, it is important to buy a quality mattress that facilitates comfort, and You can do it at

Once this first stage is successful, the light sleep phase begins. At this time, the body rests and will gradually detach from the outside to reach the stage of deep sleep. In this step, you must reduce the effect of external factors on the body, For example, ensuring a good room temperature, reducing light or noise, and so on.

When the body has managed to rest completely, delta sleep begins. The quality of sleep during this phase is essential to health. In fact, many people who never achieve this stage of sleep Decreased concentration during the day and fatigue and sleepiness.

Difficulty obtaining or maintaining sleep can decrease a person’s quality of life. Some people who don’t sleep well will experience a lack of concentration, mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, and other health problems. Now, it is possible to implement some Changes to improve sleep quality,

How to improve sleeping habits?

If one is suffering from insomnia, he should visit his doctor for evaluation. However, there are some behavioral habits that can be implemented to improve sleep.

For example, Consumption of stimulant beverages can interfere with sleep, Therefore it is advised not to consume alcohol or caffeine at night. Improving insomnia is essential to forming habits, so establishing a bedtime and wake-up schedule can also help you sleep better.

Experts recommend that the age of the person be taken into account in establishing a sleep schedule. Adults are advised to sleep for 7 to 9 hours. In children and adolescents, the amount of time is longer.

On the other hand, Using screens and artificial lights at night can also cause insomnia, A brain gland called the pineal gland secretes melatonin, which is important for the regulation of sleep and wake cycles. This hormone is reduced by the use of artificial light at night. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the room is dark, soundproof and has ideal conditions for rest.

It will not always be necessary to use drugs to avoid insomnia., Progressive reduction in this problem can be done through some of the measures mentioned in this article. Thus, it is possible to ensure that sleep, a fundamental pillar of health, can be successfully achieved.

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