Impressive transformation as China Suarez

in between holidays in miamiArgentine actress China Suarez, She was bored with her typical blonde hair and decided to dye her hair a different color, Even his friend and former colleague, Lali Esposito He commented on the post.

a few days ago actress He is holidaying in the United States with his kids. and that every adventure records it for his followers on social media, In this occasion, He himself decided that now is the time for change.

Chyna Suarez and her facelift

as china suarez showed By uploading a compilation of photos during this Friday night that shows her radical transformation, But would his fans have liked it? actually yes To date, the singer has accumulated more than 300 thousand “likes” in the publication.

former partner of the Chilean actor, benjamin vicunaHer fans were used to her characteristic blonde hair and she only modified her cut on a few occasions. Leave it sloppy, or even cut it at shoulder height.

This time he decided to venture for dark colorsin which he further elaborated exotic beauty.

earlier flattery This surprising change in look didn’t take long and many fans of the actress appreciated her decision of drastic change. are more than 3,000 comments, where followers and celebrities showed their support for black hair.

Celebrities comment on China Suarez’s radical look change

,argentina megan fox” And “Very beautifulThe post contained some comments left by Suarez, the public of China. Although some Argentine celebritiesHe told her how beautiful she looked.

Lali EspositoA friend and former colleague from China said,yes it is the same color”, approving of the look.

Whereas, former contestants of “Big Brother” Argentina, Julieta Poggiohe wrote “How beautiful my God.”

urban singer, joaquiFriend of China was also present and He dedicated some tender words to her. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, my friend”.

Watch the video: China Suarez dyes her hair

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