“In 10 minutes I will be with my weapon defending my people”


The conflict going through Ukraine and Russia It has already crossed all borders and reached the sport. Many Ukrainians prefer to stay on their land to face the Russian army when war breaks out.

Incredible testimonial from Ukrainian player who wants to go to war

One of them is the young goalkeeper Nikita Fedotovwho gave an interview to Radius Brand while he was dressed as a soldier from the Ukrainian army battalion and enlisted with a weapon in hand to defend his people.

“I can assist you now, in 10 minutes I will be with my weapon defending my people,” were the first words of the 21-year-old goalkeeper to the aforementioned media outlet.

Next, Nikita tell how the situation is in your country. ”Everything is very bad. Right now it’s fatal. We have to be ready when Russia comes to act as protectors. I have not considered leaving. I want to be here. My family wanted to go to Europe, but I didn’t. I can’t,” she assured.

And he adds: “I am not afraid. I can’t be afraid. I am with my family, who help the military and my father is a military man. We need to be prepared. We cant do any more. I’m a man and it’s what I have to do.”

Shevchenko’s powerful message after the Ukraine-Russia conflict

When asked by Radius Brand who is to blame for everything that is happening, the former goalkeeper of the UD Montijo from Spain was very clear. “Everyone knows who is to blame for what is happening. I don’t understand why they do this. We have strong people. We are ready. All the people help: men, women… Everyone helps because we are Ukrainians and we are strong”.

To close, Nikita reveals that Ukraine it is abandoned by the other European countries. “Our president has asked for help many times. We don’t want war. We want to talk. We are in the middle of Europe and if Russia advances she will go for the next thing”, he warns.

Ukrainian President Alert

On the other hand, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyaffirmed that the invading Russian army is preparing a final offensive to take the capital Kiev during the early hours of this Saturday.

“We cannot lose the capital. He speaks to our defenders, men and women on all fronts: tonight, the enemy is going to use all of his might to break through our defenses in the most vile, harsh, and inhuman way. Tonight, they are going to try an attack,” he said. Zelensky in a video published on the website of the presidency.

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