in 2021 stable prices in Piedmont

Real estate market: stable prices in Piedmont.  In the province, the offer of properties for sale is splashing


PROVINCE OF ALEXANDRIA – Stable prices in 2021 for the sector of Piedmontese real estate market. In the year just ended there were no significant fluctuations, both as regards the sector of trading both as regards that of leases (+ 0.4%). As noted by the portal, among the Piedmontese provinces, however, it is precisely that of Alexandria ad have to have registered the greater percentage increase in the offer of properties for sale (+ 84.4%).


As the survey carried out by Real Estate Insights, who wants buying a house in Piedmont must take into account one average expenditure € 1,471 per square meter. The price medium requested by landlords it was instead attested sui 7.9 euro / sqm. This is a slowly recovering market, as evidenced by the fact that the accumulation of properties available for sale in the region is higher than the demand, although this is growing especially in the last quarter.“.

Also in Turin the real estate market followed the trend of the rest of the Piedmontese cities. Basically sales prices stable (+ 2.2%) And rent (-1.6%). In particular for to buy house in Turin they serve on average 1,842 euros per square meteror, while if you are looking for a home leased they are needed on average 9 € / sqm. As regards the offer of properties for sale, it can be noted that in the year just ended the market was affected by the effects of the pandemic: the stock accumulated over a year is equal to 20.8%, although in the last three months of the year this settled on a much lower percentage (+ 4.2%), a sign of a newfound liveliness. If in the last quarter in the sales sector a reduction in the stock of Turin properties is evident, this appears even more clear looking at what happened in the rental sector which recorded an offer down by almost 39 percentage points. Demand runs parallel to both the sales (+ 12.5%) and leases (+ 26.8%) sectors.

As for the market in the provincial capital city, on the sales front the fluctuations are not very significant to exception of the province of Biella where in the last year they are lost more than 5 percentage points cconfirming it as the cheaper territory in which to buy a house (533 euros / sqm). Over the past year, thegreater percentage increase in the offer of properties for sale is registered in the province of Alessandria (+ 84.4%), followed by that of Biella (+ 44%). Demand, on the other hand, was held at more stable levels, with few exceptions such as the province of the regional capital (+ 9%) and the city of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (+ 8.7%).

As for the market for leases, in the last year in Piedmont prices I am increased especially especially in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (+ 6.9%), followed by that of Turin (+ 4.4%) and from the cities of Novara and Vercelli (+ 3.7% both). If we look at the annual data, theoffer of rental properties is increased everywhere except that a Vercelli. In the last three months, many other cities have also managed to reduce the stock as the minus sign predominates in the regional ranking. Novara instead it is the provincial capital which sees theincreased interest of potential tenants both in the city (+ 41.3%) and in the province (+ 20.9%).

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