In addition to The Last of Us, these are the best video game adaptations for film and TV

we know, youI’ve Last of Us will leave a void in all those fans of the video game who finally saw their dream come true with a adaptation at the height; however, it will also leave it to those who first learned of this story that debuted on PlayStation.

And it is that the world of video games is increasingly valued in the industry of entertainment and, specifically, in film and television because the quality of the adaptations is high with each production released.

Therefore, we share the best video game adaptations that have been made for film and TV; either for its fidelity or for making changes that in the long run ended up being better to the original game itself.

Arcane – Series

Yes or yes. Arcane is an adaptation of the world of League of Legends and has surprised both the public and critics for its quality.

This animated series tells a story full of magic, terror, adventures and fantastic worlds.

Arcane, voiced by Hailee Steinfeld from hawkeyeis a series with an extraordinary animation style, in addition to telling a story full of surprises and intriguing moments and action.

The story takes place in a magical world where the rich and powerful live above the poor and marginalized.

There, two sisters are caught in the middle of a battle where the fate of humanity will be decided, they are on different sides of the fight, but they must find a way to be together again to avoid everything ending in chaos and tragedy.

Silent Hill- Movie

The movie of Christophe Gans He earned the respect of video game lovers, who expected no less with an adaptation of the most terrifying game of all time.

Its about ‘survival horror‘ Canadian production that adapts the universe of the video game of the same name developed by Team Silent.

As in the video game, at times we feel anxious and claustrophobic about the plot of Harry Mason, who is looking for his daughter in the town of Silent Hill. As the plot progresses, Harry will discover the truth about the city and a cult that he wishes to carry out a ritual to bring a deity to earth.

The Witcher – Series

series of The Witcher it was very well received by critics and fans of the original game.

With a strong cast and an intriguing plot, the series has been able to capture the essence of the games and offer something new for viewers.

It also has a stellar cast, and has been renewed for several additional seasons; although already without henry cavill.


Paul Schreiber stars in this series based on one of the most popular games, where, as in The Mandalorian, the protagonist’s face is usually covered by a helmet (a detail that the series decided to change).

It all centers on a super soldier known as master Chief and in a story that takes place in the 26th century, when humanity, divided among different planets, is in the middle of a war with an alien race that wants to destroy them and gain control of the entire universe, so humans use super soldiers for fight.

Uncharted- Movie

I put this more to personal taste as a faithful fan of Uncharted. And it is that the changes that were made in the film were not liked by everyone; however, it was the most appropriate way to reach a larger audience that was unaware of this video game.

With more similarities to Nicolas Cage’s ‘The Search’ than to Harrison Ford’s ‘Indiana Jones’, Nathan Drake lands on the screens played by a young Tom Hollandwhich more than meets the task.

As an adaptation of the video game, many things are left unanswered, but as an adventure film it is a joy from beginning to end.

Sonic- Movie

Come on, it is not my favorite but I must admit that it is very entertaining. After the controversy over the character’s first design (following the release of the first trailer, fans were outraged by the strangeness of the character’s features, with dwarfed eyes and overly pronounced teeth), director Jeff Fowler and Paramount Pictures They rectified as quickly as they could to deliver us, now, a version up to the famous video game.

At least, that’s what the relatively warm critical reception it’s received suggests.
In a subgenre of cinema that seems cursed, Sonic rises as an estimable adventure film especially recommended for the little ones, and has swept the box office like no other.

resident Evil

Good adaptations, there are few. The Resident Evil film saga is the largest and the one that extends the longest in time, until 2021, with Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

While the video games in the series have become more cinematic over time, the adaptations have been trying to be more like the game.

The first approximation, from 2002, which grossed more than 103 million dollars, as an action movie it has everything it takes, although more demanding game fans were somewhat critical of the adaptation.

In 2020, Paul WS Anderson returned to direct Milla Jovovich, but this time adapting Monster Hunter. The film did not manage to collect what was expected, but it showed that if the director is good at something, it is making action movies and that, in addition, over the years, he has learned how to better bring videogames to the cinema.

the clunkers

Super Mario Bros- Movie

It’s unanimous, everyone hates this movie. Here, Mario and Luigi are two plumbers who enter a parallel universe, a mix of ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Total Recall’, to save Daisy, captured by an evil Koopa.

As an adaptation of the video game, inexplicable. As a 90s fantasy action movie… Well, inexplicable is falling as short as Koopa’s reptilian army.

Mortal Kombat- Movie

Many are fond of him, but the truth is that there are plenty of cringe moments, like in Street Fighter.

Directed by Paul WS Anderson, it tells how the protector of Earth will put his hopes in three warriors to win the last of the tournament matches against Outworld, which, if won, would have the right to invade the human planet.

Doom- Movie

An ambitious production that was already thinking about the sequel before it was released and that had a generous budget of 60 million dollars. In this it can be said that they really tried to make a translation of the popular video game, highlighting above all the minutes in which it adopted its characteristic visual style, but then everything was a want and not being able to or simply not knowing how to do it.

‘Doom’ ended up being a bad action movie with the usual inconsistencies and problems of such films. They just didn’t try and didn’t know how to do it right, so I’m not sorry that it was a resounding flop at the box office – it barely grossed 56 million worldwide – and that there was never any talk of that possible sequel again. Even Dwayne Johnson recognized years later how badly they had done it.

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