In addition to the usual vinegar, only 1 product that we often use in the washing machine is enough to effectively clean the floors of the house

It is important to dedicate the necessary time to house cleaning, even if it is an operation that we never do willingly.

Free time is always short and busy, but we must take the time to take care of our home, thus also preserving our health.

However, many do not know how to keep the house clean with this natural product that is becoming popular due to its effectiveness, a foolproof method.

The floor always tends to get dirty easily, since we walk on it daily and therefore must be cleaned regularly.

In addition to the usual vinegar, only 1 product that we often use in the washing machine is enough to effectively clean the floors of the house

Not everyone knows that to clean the floors there are effective natural remedies at hand that allow us to save considerably.

It is important to know that there is also a remedy for floor joints that accumulate dirt and are always difficult to wash.

In addition to the usual vinegar, to effectively clean the floors of the house, only 1 product is enough that we often use in the washing machine and therefore we usually already have available.

To clean the floor on a daily basis, we could use Marseille soap, a detergent widely used for washing laundry by hand or in the washing machine.

Marseille soap proves to be a precious ally for house cleaning and we can find it in both solid and liquid versions.

To clean the floors we will have to prepare a container full of hot water and grate inside a handful of Marseille soap flakes.

With this mixture we will clean the surfaces, although it is always recommended to try on a hidden tile first, to make sure not to damage the floor.

Otherwise, before proceeding with this method, we could make sure that this product is compatible with the flooring material we have in the house.

After washing it, once it is dry, our floor will return to being shiny, clean and above all without a trace of streaks.

Useful tips

For an interesting alternative, it will be interesting to know that we could solve this problem with just 1 commonly used ingredient generally available at home.

To guarantee a better fragrance to our floors, we can also add essential oils that many already have at home.

We can find them in herbal medicine or online and there are different fragrances, depending on our personal taste.

Much appreciated is the tea tree essential oil which is excellent both for its pleasant fragrance and for its sanitizing properties.


It would remove mold from grout and shower tiles this ingredient that many have around the house

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