in Dragon Ball Z style, Everton from Chile announced it Halftime

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After an emotional tribute, Luis Montes closed his successful stage as a player of the Lion to continue his career as a professional footballer in the Everton de Vina del Mara team that this Tuesday welcomed him with a witty video.

Where does Chapo Montes go?

Through their social networks, the set of Everton in Chili released a recording in which the Chapito Montes and Gokuyes, the character of the famous manga of Japanese origin ‘Dragon Ball Z‘, were the great protagonists.

The South American team presented the Mexican as a “saiyan” and with a teleportation who took him from the court Nou Camphouse of the Esmeraldas, to the halls of the Sausalito StadiumEverton venue, the team that forms part of the Pachuca Group welcomed him.

“The time has come, Chapito, Such is the life of a Saiyan. You came to this place, you won many battles and you fought with honor. You accomplished your mission in this stadium.”, Kakarot is heard saying on the recording. “thanks goku, you have taught me everything I know, I won many battles and today I am leaving happy. I’m ready ”, was the answer that Chapito gave Goku and then ‘teleported’ to what will be his new house.

You still have a lot of strength to fight and now you will do it in another placer. The Gold and Sky armor awaits you, you will see the Garden City on the seashore, are you ready? It’s time for teleportation. I send you a kamehameha“Added the famous character.

When would Montes debut with Everton FC in Chile?

It should be remembered that the Everton de Vina del Mar It will be the first team in which the 36-year-old Mexican plays outside the country, since he built his career with Pachuca and Leon, squads with which he won a total of four First Division titles. ‘El Chapito’ Montes could debut this sunday january 22 at the start of the League in Chile against the Catholic University.

This is how Luis Montes’ team plays

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