In Front of the Mirror, Mia Khalifa Takes out Lipstick and Forgets the Outfit


The beautiful Lebanese personality Mia Khalifa left Internet users speechless with a photograph in which it is more than evident that she decided to “forget” her outfit and pose in front of the mirror

The beautiful Mia Khalifa delighted netizens time and time again with a photograph evidently dating back a few years. The beautiful Lebanese personality can be seen in this most attractive image posing in front of a mirror and leaving the outfit aside. 

The former actress posed retouching her slanted lipstick in front of the mirror and the mischievous lens captured Mia Khalifa’s face and imposing anatomy from behind, managing to present two angles of the now influencer thanks to the mirror. 

In this photograph, the famous woman did not finish dressing and covered the most essential of anatomy so that her image can be seen without problem on social networks, only a few glasses and her loose hair were enough to complement her outfit.

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The photograph allows you to see more curves of Mia Khalifa, as she currently looks more fitness and slim thanks to a radical change in her diet and training, as she herself has announced on her official Instagram account. 


Sarah Joe Chamoun was very upset when rumors began to circulate on social networks that she could be ill, after radically changing her silhouette. The famous one pointed out that she is healthier and stronger than ever and that her radical change in volume was due to a healthier lifestyle. 

Khalifa has decided to leave his past in the films for adults in the past and has even talked about wanting these images to disappear, something that caused a movement in networks and managed to get many of them deleted. 

What Mia Khalifa did stay with were her fame and followers, she is currently one of the most loved women on Instagram, a popularity that is increasing with the photos and messages she shares every day.

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