In Garzón, Huila, a man was murdered in front of his son – Other Cities – Colombia

In an act of intolerance, unknown individuals ended the life of a family man and, not content with this, they also attacked one of his sons, who is torn between life and death because he was injured.

The events occurred on Sunday afternoon at the celebration of the Day of love and Friendship Of the municipality of Waiter, huila.

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The victim is Elder Diaz, 41 years old, who received several gunshots to his body, as well as machete wounds to the abdomen and upper extremities.

The authorities reported that the father and his son were attacked in a surprise way when they were chatting in a commercial establishment.

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“Armed strangers attacked them and without saying a word they shot them with firearms,” ​​witnesses said.

The two men were transferred to a hospital, but Eider Díaz died due to the severity of his injuries, while his son, John Faiber Diaz Mendoza19 years old, remains under a reserved prognosis in a Intensive care unit.

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The first hypotheses suggest that the father of the family would have been attacked due to quarrels in the past, but no further details were specified.

Jhon Faiber was injured by a firearm in the scapular region and in the pelvis, but he also has a cut inflicted with a machete on his right hand.

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