in her Candy series, Jessica Biel has her hair done like Justin Timberlake in her debut

In the new Hulu-produced series, the actress sports a (very) permed hairstyle reminiscent of the singer’s iconic hair style from the NSYNC era.

Jessica Biel’s hair transformation for the series candy is it inspired by Justin Timberlake? The actress, who plays the lead role of American killer Candy Montgomery in this new Hulu production, has swapped her long chestnut waves for a curly cropped haircut.

A new retro hairstyle that reminded her of her husband’s curly hair in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the singer was a member of the boy band American NSYNC. “We laughed about it because it looked like her beautiful curls,” says Jessica Biel on the American TV show EntertainmentTonight, “Seriously, he had beautiful curls!”

Photoshoot of Justin Timberlake in New York, in 2000. Larry Busacca/WireImage/Getty Images

Curly hair from mother to son

This wig imitating the famous 1980s perms, very trendy at the time, also won over another person around her: “[La mère de Justin Timberlake] now has short curly hair hipster really cool. It’s weird, I look a bit like both of them at the same time,” remarks the actress jokingly.

Even Pablo Schreiber, her costar in the series, was convinced that Jessica Biel had quoted Justin Timberlake as a hair reference on the set: “There was a conversation on set about it: ‘Wow, did you show a photo of your husband in the hairdressing service and saying that you wanted that? Because it was my first thought, “says Jessica Biel, relating the words of the actor. The interpreter of Cry Me a River can congratulate themselves on their new status as a beauty influencer.

Jessica Biel’s hair evolution in 15 photos

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