In his first full interview in English, Moisés Caicedo talks about his origins, his national team debut against Messi and his admiration for Paul Pogba | Ecuadorians Abroad | sports

When Moisés Caicedo signed for Brighton & Hove Albion he was 19 years old and did not speak English. Twelve months have passed since his presentation as an Albion player and a brief stint with the Belgian Beerschot VA, and the Ecuadorian international now gives a full interview in English. This was highlighted by his Premier League team with the publication of an extensive talk with the footballer born in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

“Where I played for my old club, the city was three hours from my house, so I lived with the players from the youth academy,” he recalls. “I was used to living alone, away from my family, but this (living in England), of course, was more difficult for me,” he confesses.

“I remember those first days and weeks were difficult. Everything was so different; the language, the people, the culture, but now I feel better, with my colleagues, the city, even the weather! Of course, I still miss my family and friends and I hope they can come visit me soon. I get to see them when I’m with the national team and that’s really nice, even if it’s just for a short period of time,” she mentions.

To Caicedo’s benefit, several club players understand Spanish, including Robert Sánchez, Marc Cucurella, Argentine Alexis Mac Allister, Colombian Steven Alzate and Jeremy Sarmiento, his compatriot and teammate who was born in Madrid and raised in England.

“English boys talk so fast, especially when we’re out in the country!” says Moises.

“I’m getting the hang of it, learning new words, new phrases all the time, but it’s been really important to have the Spanish-speaking guys here to help me. If there is something the coaches say that I don’t understand, then Bruno is there to help and he is the same on the pitch with the other guys”, he valued.

“My debut against Argentina was incredible, in fact it was crazy for me because I was playing against (Lionel) Messi. It was just a dream to be on the same pitch as him, to compete for the ball against him, but it all felt natural to me,” he said.

In relation to his work with the Ecuadorian team in their first World Cup qualifier, he recalled the game he played against Lionel Messi: “My debut against Argentina was incredible, in fact, it was crazy for me because I was playing against Messi. It was just a dream to be on the same pitch as him, to compete for the ball against him, but it all felt natural to me.”

After passing through the Belgian league, he affirms that it is a very different football from the British one. “But I feel good to be back here now. When Graham (Potter) called me and said that he wanted me to come back, I was very happy. Now that I’m back in the team, I feel comfortable, like I belong here. It’s also good to work with his coach and coaching staff again, because he likes to make young players progress and every day I feel like I’m progressing, training hard, very intense. I need that to help me adapt to the demands of the Premier League.”

In the final part of the note it is indicated that Caicedo was moved to meet the French world champion Paul Pogba at the Old Trafford stadium. “Manchester United was always my team because of Pogba and, before that, because of (Antonio) Valencia.”

“As a midfielder, Pogba was always my favorite player. I also liked N’Golo Kante, but Pogba was the player that has always moved me, because of the way he receives the ball and lunges forward”, he confessed.

On February 15, Manchester United beat Brighton (2-0) with goals from the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes. The Ecuadorian midfielder remained on the bench as has been the trend this Premier League campaign. (D)

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