In Luxembourg: Advised by Beyoncé’s father, a start-up will defend its concept in Silicon Valley


LUXEMBOURG – ANote Music, which offers individuals the opportunity to invest in songs to earn royalties, won the regional final of the “Start-up World Cup” on Thursday in Kirchberg. She qualified for the world final in San Francisco.

Niels Hoorelbeke (Marketing & Business Management Strategist at ANote music), Grégoire Mathonet (CTO of ANote music), Marzio Schena (CEO of ANote music), and Irene Ciuci (Digital Marketing Strategist at ANote music)


“Invest like a music industry expert and earn royalties”. This is what offers to individuals ANote Music, a platform for buying and selling musical titles. The Luxembourg start-up won the regional final of the “Start-up World Cup” on Thursday, which took place at EY’s premises in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

Among the ten finalist startups, ANote music was selected as “the most promising” by a jury made up of investors and entrepreneurs, explains EY. Their evaluation was based on the following criteria: the solution itself, problem-solving ability, market and traction, competitive advantage, profitability, sustainability, team strength, overall pitch and the presentation.

Next step for ANote Music: participate in the world final in San Francisco, from September 28 to 30. “There will be 70 finalists, explains Grégoire Mathonet. The winning company will receive a $1 million investment prize. Even if we don’t win, the trip will only be a bonus for us, because we will have the opportunity to develop relationships”. Especially since the start-up aims to open an office in the United States. “15% of our customers come from there”, underlines the leader.

Grégoire Mathonet, who comes from the world of IT (information technology) launched ANoteMusic in 2018 with Marzio Schena and Matteo Cernuschi, from the world of finance. “One of us, who was listening to a music festival on the radio, thought he would like to be able to invest in songs. This is how the idea of ​​the company was born”.

“100 to 200 investors in Luxembourg”

The principle: the start-up, in relation with the publishing houses and the artists, inserts on the platform catalogs of titles, which are at least two years old. “Musical experts help us unearth the latest trends,” says Grégoire Mathonet, who quotes a retired former Sony Italy executive and even Mathew Knowles (see box), Beyoncé’s father!

ANote Music (15 employees in the Grand Duchy) indicates that since its creation, more than 2,000 individuals, including “100 to 200 in Luxembourg”, have invested on the platform (registration is free). “The royalties they receive each year vary between 6% and 15% of their initial investment”, notes Grégoire Mathonet. On the other hand, investors have not yet been able to bet on Luxembourg artists, who have “not yet” been listed on ANote Music.

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