In Mexico there are no compliments like in Europe, lamented Héctor HerreraMediotiempo

Although he accepts criticism, Héctor Herrera regretted that the Mexican fans do not grant more recognition and praise for the careers of national soccer players who have been successful in Europe as happened to him, who after an important step in clubs like Atlético de Madrid decided to migrate to MLS with the Houston Dynamo.

You come to Mexico for a walk and they don’t tell you those thingsIn Porto people told me that they miss me, just like Atlético, and in Mexico you don’t get those compliments, you get less than abroad, that’s why Andrés (Guardado) says that he hasn’t been valued as much. It doesn’t hurt, people can criticize whoever they want,” Herrera said in a conference.

A few weeks ago, Andrés Guardado also complained about the low value given to his football career after playing 5 World Cups with the Mexican National Team, being champion in the Eredivisie and playing for clubs like Valencia or Betis in LaLiga.

“I agree with Andrés taking the subject of him because he is the player with the most appearances in the National Team, he has five World Cups and I saw the way the players speak to him, the way the people of Atlético de Madrid express themselves He is a benchmark for Mexican soccer and value is not given to Andrés or to the most veteran people In recent years Héctor (Moreno), Memo (Ochoa), Andrés and I have been the most criticized because we are the oldest,” said Herrera.

Herrera was heavily criticized for migrating to MLS and leaving Atlético de Madrid before the World Cup in Qatar.

“There are criticisms that I know are true. They are things that one has to learn to live with and with criticism. If they criticize you, it is because they expect more from you, and I have always said that whether they speak well or badly does not matter,” he commented. .

I am very aware of what I have done in my career, of who I am as a player, as a person. I have heard a lot of criticism and I try to take what is good and what is not, I let it go. I had the opportunity to choose where to play. I had a great career in Europe and I am not sure about coming back without the Houston Dynamo being angry, now I am coming to Houston, I have decided what is best for me and my family,” he said.

Herrera is in Mexico for a game tour that the Houston Dynamo will have, including Toluca and Pumas.

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