“In Mexico you don’t train in the most professional way”

Thanks to his years as a player and, more recently, to his time as technical director, Jaime Lozano knows very well the entrails of Mexican soccer, and this Wednesday, in an interview with the show ‘Now or never’ from ESPNthe strategist, recently arrived at Necaxa, assured that he wants to stamp his stamp on the club and eradicate the vices that affect football in the country, vices that are even a factor for there not being more Mexican players in the best leagues in the world.

“It is a question that I ask myself a lot and I commented on it at the Olympic Games, I would love to, and at that moment we will be a world power when many of our players, as the United States does at the moment, compete in the best leagues in the world. There are a lot of quality here and now that I had to be in the Olympics and compete against the Netherlands, France and other teams, I see that the quality is there, simply that these players are empowered by being with very good coaches, many teammates who lead you to be much more professional of what we are in Mexico. There is a lot of talk about salary, that a lot of money is asked for with the sale of a player and I also think that we should sell them much earlier so that these good habits are acquired earlier and can be developed better way,” explained the former coach of the U-23 Mexican National Team.

“It’s a bit of everything, (those players) returned to their clubs and unfortunately there were few who were able to maintain those levels that they showed in the Olympic Games, it seems to me that Liga MX is a bit unstable; in my opinion, no he trains in the most professional way, and I’m talking about the league that I know. Suddenly I think that in Mexico we go to training because we have to take it and we don’t go with the intention of improving and applying other things, sometimes because of the player and many others by the coach, we have to be more professional in many areas and part of that professionalism falls on the coaching staff”, admitted the coach.

Lozano, who took over the reins of Necaxa in February, as a replacement for the dismissed Pablo Guede, has a clear idea of ​​working conscientiously to give the Rayos the leading role they have enjoyed in other times. Lozano appreciates the confidence of the board in him and trusts that he will have the necessary time to show that the bet was correct on both sides.

“The first thing was to give stability and certainty because it was a team that had scored many goals at home, then in Torreón they played a great game, so I think we have to be more stable, not change so much from home to away; I also It seems that we have to be more competitive, that is what I have also asked the coaching staff, it seems to me that lately the coaches who have achieved that in their clubs are the teams that have fought in the Liguilla, so if we are competitive in any field, stable, that we defend ourselves very well, leaving few options to receive a goal little by little we will implement a more collective game idea and to have much more time on the ball”, he assured.

Necaxa remains in tenth place in the table, with two wins, three losses and six points out of a possible 15. Lozano and his players are preparing to visit Tijuana next Friday on date six of Clausura 2022.

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