“In my head I have it clear”


Xavi Hernández spoke this Saturday at a press conference, the Barcelona coach spoke about the situation of the signing of Robert Lewandowski by the club.

In addition, this was said about the untouchables before facing Getafe for matchday 37 of the Spanish League.

”If we sign, we sign people who improve and make a difference. Age can be important, but there are exceptions.”

”We will decide when we know the financial situation of the club. It has been very important, especially in the first stage, when it came. It has competition. To Ferran and Ousmane. This is about performance”

What to improve?
”Responsibility with the ball. When you lose two balls, the third is gold. Playing football well means not losing the ball”.

”We value it very much. She is going to help us these days. Tomorrow, for example, we still have minutes. We believe in your progression and ability. It can be important. Jordi has played almost everything since I’ve been here”.

Lewandowski rejects Bayern Munich’s renewal to play for Xavi’s Barcelona

“It is important. I am happy with it. He is a present and future player. We count on him a lot.”

What do you ask the team?
“One last effort. I ask you to try to play better. Recover the idea of ​​the game, return to the excellence of the game. From the game, to get results”.

Sign a ‘9’
“I don’t think it’s time. When the objective is achieved… I have been very clear with the club and I have said what I think we need. Titles are going to be demanded of us.”

Second round with many points
”We give it relative importance because, even so, it has not given us. They are not bad numbers, but they have not given us enough to compete with Madrid. Yes with other rivals. We need to improve”.

Do the players know they don’t have them?
“We haven’t said anything yet because basically we haven’t finished the season. We haven’t talked to anyone yet. We need everyone 100 percent. From here, when objectives are met, we will plan”.

The game
“We can improve. We have lowered the performance now, but there were two months that we enjoyed. We have to improve the sensations, be more responsible with the ball. Improve pressure after loss, high pressure. We have gone down and we have to increase it”.

Is there a core team?
”We have to have all the positions doubled and that, today, we don’t have. That forces us to make inventions.”

”I signed Alves at 38. In the end, it’s not age, it’s performance. The footballer takes care of himself so much… each one is a world. There you have Ibrahimovic, Modric, Alves. Soccer players who give very high returns with an age. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi… The important thing is not age, it’s improving what we have”

”Talking about players we don’t have doesn’t help. I feel bad, but the situation is what we have”.

Is it normal for it to tie?
“Do not. There is a 33% chance of a draw. In other words, there is a 66% chance that there will be no tie”.

Optimistic with the signings
”I always am and next year we have to compete. We had two months in which it seemed that we could compete for titles, but it did not come to us. We have to be self-demanding. We are Barça and here it is only worth winning. Starting next year, much more will be demanded of us. To the players and trainer”.

Are there untouchables?
”Of course there are. They are in my head. I have it clear. From here, we have to see what the situation is and the ability to manoeuvre”

When do you want to know?
”There are still things at stake, but we still have second place at stake. When it is fulfilled, we want to plan to be able to decide things.

Frankie de Jong
“For me it is very important. He has been a starter practically always, except when he has rotated due to tiredness, fatigue or competition. For me it is fundamental, but we all depend on the financial situation of the club”.

Unexpected twist! The Emir of Qatar wants to personally close the renewal of Mbappé and has already presented the offer

”The circumstances of the club are what rule. I am a very important part of decision-making, as a coach. It is logical that we depend on the economic situation. In a few days we will know what the situation is to know what we can do and what not. The economic situation keeps us at bay. It marks the present and the future of the team”.

”The first thing is that he wants to play. It is his desire and he excites us. It should be noted that he never lost consciousness in the match against Celta. He depends on the sensations of him and he wants to play”.

The match
”Very difficult game. It is a field in which it is difficult for us. They play well, they have a line of five. We are missing a point, virtually. We will go out to win and add the three points. It is the main objective”.

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