In Nuevo León they illegally sell anticovid medicine

Despite the fact that the supply must be endorsed only by the health authority under medical prescription and its commercialization to the public is prohibited, in New Lionthe pill for emergent use against covid 19 is offered illegally through social networks.

ABC news detected a website called “Insumos y Medicamentos Monterey”, where the seller exhibits Molnupiravir with 40 capsules, whose manufacturer is the Bruck brand of Indian origin.

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Said pharmaceutical does not have the marketing permits in Mexico granted by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks and the only authorized brand is the one produced by the company Merck Sharp & Dohme BV

When contacting the seller, he reported that the drug costs 5,500 pesos and does not require a prescription.

There is someone who has a commercial interest, so of course they will speak highly of their product not only in a matter of covid, but of any other disease, especially those that are difficult to manage and that there is not much medicine to be able to stop them.

On the internet one can find a whole series of information that is not correct and people who take advantage to offer products that do not have a demonstration of effectiveness and that are not in the line of research either. They are charlatanism, they are sold and desperate and uninformed people go after them through the internet”, warned the former director of the Latin American Association of the Thorax, Rodolfo Posadas.

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