In ‘Operative: Lioness’, Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldana lead a group of women against terrorism

The series ‘Operative: Lioness’ is everything you need: an espionage network inspired by real life starring Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman and Morgan Freeman, action and lots of intrigue you can watch on Paramount+

OPERATOR: Lioness is going to be your new favorite series on Paramount+. We bet because the cast they have used to tell this tale of intrigue and espionage inspired by real life is a true gem. They will follow CIA agent Zoe (Zoe Saldana) trying to balance her personal life as the United States faces the war on terror. He and Cruz (Lesla de Oliveira), part of the Lioness program overseen by Kaitlyn Meade (Nicole Kidman) and Donald Westfield (Michael Kelly), will try to stop the new 9/11.

Let’s start by saying that Zoe Saldana is one tough lady for action fantasy movies. References to them in Second Scale battles are in James Cameron’s characters in the Avatar sagas; and James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s also Lt. Uhura in Star Trek, one of the world’s most famous universes and which you can watch exclusively on Paramount+. In addition, Saldana fought against the dreaded Corsair in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl; So getting a jump on a brilliant script written by Taylor Sheridan allows us to see her as an action heroine in a more realistic environment and in situations far removed from fantasy.

In other words, Sheridan is one of the most admired pen talents in recent times. Anyone who doesn’t have a reference to him should refer to his remarkable work at Yellowstone. His abilities to combine the Western with intrigue and action are unbelievably worthy of a novelist like Ian Fleming. And we’re not exaggerating, guys, Sheridan is a gem who gave Sylvester Stallone such awesome series as Tulsa King and Jeremy Renner, mayor of kingstown, She takes acting abilities to another dimension and the same is the case with Nicole Kidman.

And if we talk about stars, you should know that Nicole Kidman is also entering into a power dynamic with Morgan Freeman, whose decision to prevent a massive catastrophe in his country for Joe and Cruise. will be important for The entire concept of Project Lioness is loosely based on Task Force Lioness, a team of women marines dedicated to the mission of carrying out terrorist attacks. This group of elements was formed when Iraq and Afghanistan began recruiting girls to carry out attacks, under the concept that they would never suspect an innocent soul.

Chain operative: lioness allowing the audience to understand how difficult it is for Joe and Cruz to become romantically involved with a woman, to understand the dark schemes and attack them. In addition, a number of portals devoted to the analysis of the US Navy explain this Male soldiers were completely unknown as Middle Eastern religious beliefs prevented them from interacting directly with women.

In addition, Paramount+ again proved to be at the forefront with stories that allowed the public to overly identify with the characters they saw on screen, for this reason they used actors that allowed realism to be taken to the other extreme and Thus women were able to describe the sacrifice of a group who not only have the difficult task of manipulating their comrades to prevent their objectives, but also do humanitarian work in other countries to improve the lifestyle of children, women, the elderly and citizens who are often ostracized in other countries. I am affected by wars. however, operative: lioness The concept that the enemy is also at home comes in handy. Remember that episodes of this new series premiere every Sunday on Paramount+.

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