In partnership with Demi Lovato and other artists, YouTube unveils new AI for creating music

o YouTube, in this fifth fair (16), announced a new resource using Generative Artificial Intelligence, which promises to revolutionize the creative process for musicians and as a platform for beginners who are interested in the field. Want to go deeper into and get more experience in fast and practical. Work. ,

Dream Track and its director

The news was revealed via an official post by the YouTube team on the platform’s blog, which explained a bit about the product respect and the strict code of conduct followed by its development team. This is not the first time that Google’s subsidiary GenAI wants to carefully address the issue; I published an article in August this year listing the principles of using AI in making music.

Dream Tracks, the new resource developed by the team, is a partnership between countless well-known artists and content creators on the Lyria platform, or a language model (LLM) specializing in the creation of more advanced music, developed by Google DeepMind.

According to the official publication, users who have the chance to use Dream Tracks will be able to create personalized music in 30 seconds through a few simple steps. Ready Text them. These musics can be used in shorts on the platform, as well as relying on the voices of fellow singers generated automatically through artificial intelligence. Currently, 9 artists have agreed to participate in the testing phase, among them: Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Demi Lovato, Charli XCX, John Legend, Papoose, Sia, T-Pain and Troye Sivan.

Image demonstrating the use of Dream Tracks to create music via a cell phone application, still in the testing phase (Photo: Reproduction/Disclosure/Youtube Music)

“The development of AI technology is suddenly changing the way we interact as a visual artist and shows that, as artists, we need to be part of the process of shaping the future.”, Demi Lovato commented regarding her involvement in the project. The singer is optimistic about this experiment in partnership with Google and YouTube, saying that the experience promises to be positive and enlightening.

AI Music Incubator

The development of this new technology comes as part of the incubation process of Musical AI technology, which YouTube created in August this year, when GenAI was still a novelty in the market and many companies were looking to implement the possibilities of the revolutionary ChatGPT. She was running. It has its own rights. Projects.

With the help of artists, creators, and musicians, YouTube claims to collect and implement appropriate feedback to create the best possible experience for the community. The leading team participating in the testing process is excited to harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to aid the creative process, according to the platform’s official statement.

The ultimate goal of the Google subsidiary is to develop a technology that allows thoughts and ideas to be transferred into scores in a fluid manner, using AI as the basis to facilitate that process. Instead of replacing artists, the team participating in the incubator wants to help them create even better musical creations, but without as much effort, perhaps as well as by integrating people’s participation into the relationships between them and their favorite artists. Making it even better. Next, through tools and interactive experiences.

Dream Track, which is only available to some users of the platform in the initial phase, is the first part of the plan, but not the only one. There are going to be more surprises in the beginning of this year 2024.

Featured Photo: Demi Lovato in performance during the 2023 VMAs (Reproduction/Getty Images/Noam Galai/The Hollywood Reporter)

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