In photo, Jennifer Lopez’s middle finger addressed to her manicurist

Asked for the umpteenth time by her nail specialist to take a photo of her manicure, Jennifer Lopez told her of her weariness by posing with her middle finger in the air.

Obviously, Jennifer Lopez likes to send messages through her manicure. After declaring her love to her future husband Ben Affleck with a nail art Adorned with their initials, the singer this time pushes a little rant with her fingertips.

It seems that J-Lo’s manicurist Tom Bachik interrupted the singer’s bath to ask her for a photo of her freshly varnished hands. In response, the star sent her accomplice a photo of her, giving her the eminent middle finger.

“When your manicurist asks you for a photo of your nails,” writes Tom Bachik in the caption of this photo posted on his Instagram account, obviously taking this response with humor. We thus see the actress in the distance, in her bathtub, showing off her fingers varnished in a transparent and slightly degraded nude color.

Was Jennifer Lopez tired of posing for the umpteenth time for her friend Tom Bachik? Indeed, the Instagram account of the manicurist of celebrities (who deals in particular with the hands of Selena Gomez, Nicola Peltz-Beckham or Camila Cabello) is full of shots of his works carried out on his VIP clients… and especially on J- Lo. Will he dare to ask again for such a service to Jenny from the block in the future ?

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