In pictures: From Demi Moore inseparable from her dog in Greece to Gisele Bündchen training with her daughter

While meditating or shopping in the sun on European beaches or in the streets of Los Angeles, Celebrities are always one click away from being photographed by the paparazzi, some people know this and are very careful while going to public place while others don’t pay much attention to them. photographers found this week semi-swamp in greece, Britney Spears at a fast food place Jennifer Lopez Salma Hayek in the midst of a romantic outing, Jamie Foxx on vacation, and Jessica Alba and Gisele Bündchen with their daughters, talking to a group of fans.

semi-swamp He is one of the stars who chose these days to enjoy a beach holiday aboard a yacht in greece, The newly 60-year-old actress was photographed showing off her figure as she wrapped up in a high-waisted black swimsuit, after being spotted with her friends Andrea Stegos and his wife Athanasia. In the company of your beloved pet Pilaf.

The Hollywood actress was seen on the deck of a boat giving tender caresses to her chihuahua dog. The interpreter took some time off to read and looked very comfortable while soaking up the sun in the Aegean Sea.

Demi Moore chose Greece to spend the summer and has been photographed with friends enjoying various pleasures by the sea, including reading.Mega/The Grosby Group

since a year she broke up with tom brady, Gisele Bündchen Is Very Active and in Top Shape, The Brazilian top has just turned 43 and is enjoying family trips and activities. The model traveled to Costa Rica with her ten-year-old daughter Vivian and celebrated her birthday in Patagonia, Argentina. Later, she was seen taking part in an intense exercise session at a Miami gym with her boyfriend Joaquim Valente and Vivian, amid news that her ex Tom Brady had a brief affair with his new girlfriend Irina Shayk at a five-star hotel. Spent the day London

Gisele Bündchen smiles with her boyfriend Joaquim Valente and their daughter Vivienne while exercising at a gym in MiamiBackgrid / The Grosby Group

in Los Angeles, Jessica Alba takes advantage of the warm days to spend time with her family, The actress went shopping with her daughter Honor, who was walking arm-in-arm with her famous mom wearing a T-shirt featuring her idol Miley Cyrus.

Jessica Alba and daughter Honor visit some businesses together in Los Angeles as part of a family shopping spreeMega/The Grosby Group

singer and actress jennifer lopez was in a great mood outside the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills, and agreed to greet a group of fans present at the door of the venue as well as take a selfie with them.

Jennifer Lopez was seen leaving a Beverly Hills hotel wearing a T-shirt bearing the phrase “You are the soul of the universe and your name is Love” written by the Persian poet Rumi as she poses for a selfie with a group of fans Agreed.Mega/The Grosby Group

In my native Mexico, Salma Hayek takes the opportunity to spend a few days with the family, The 56-year-old actress was seen holding hands with her husband Francois Pinault, her mother Diana Jimenez Medina and her step-sons, François and Mathilde. During their vacation in downtown Los Cabos, the cast walks around doing different shows dresses

Salma Hayek and her husband Francois Pinault traveled to Mexico with the children of the famous businessman and met the mother of the actress in the city of Los Cabos.Backgrid / The Grosby Group

It’s new times for Jamie Foxx, who was spotted enjoying a holiday in Tulum, Mexico, The Hollywood actor appears to be in good health, after being hospitalized due to an undisclosed medical condition in April. It is a new beginning for the interpreter after being hospitalized, which he defined a few days ago as a “dark journey”, from which he claims to have recovered due to the support of his loved ones.

Fox is seen enjoying contact with nature at a cenote in the city of Tulum, MexicoSplash News/The Grosby Group

After her scandalous split from Sam Asghari, Britney Spears She was sad to go out at night, Where she was photographed buying fried chicken at a fast food shop. The 41-year-old pop artist was spotted at a branch of Dave’s Hot Chicken chain in Oxnard, California on Friday night, just two days after announcing their breakup. A mis-aligned look that left his fans worried.

The “Baby One More Time” star split from her ex-husband after 14 months of marriage. A few days ago, the singer took to social networks to share her state of mind: “I would love to show my emotions and tears to show how I really feel, but I always have to hide my vulnerabilities! If I was not my father’s strong soldier, he used to send me to doctors to ‘fix’ me! This happened when I needed my family the most. You should be loved unconditionally. Not under conditions! So I’ll be as strong as I can and do my best! And I’m doing really great!” he said in a video.

Britney was photographed at a fast food outlet in Oxnard on Friday night under the protection of her security agentsBackgrid / The Grosby Group


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