In pictures. How is the house that actress Emma Stone sells for more than US $ 4 million

In the controversial delivery of the 2016 Oscar awards, a poor organization of the envelopes with the winners gave recognition to the best film for a few minutes. La La Land (Damien Chazelle). In a moment that was left for history, one of the producers came out to rectify that the award-winning feature film was actually moonlit (Barry Jenkin). However, the film that caressed the acclaimed prize did receive other applause that night, among them, the best actress for the performance of Emma Stone.

The Oscar winner is looking to sell her Malibu home for $4.29 million
The Oscar winner is looking to sell her Malibu home for $4.29 millionGetty Images

Consecrated, the 33-year-old actress was already the main face of so many other films celebrated by critics such as Cruella or Historias Cruzadas. From the hand of her fame came a wealth that the actress decided to invest in the bricks. In 2018, the artist fell in love with a luxurious property on the beaches of Malibu and spent US$3.25 million on the purchase of the mansion with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Years later, she is looking to make a profit and listed the property on the market for $4.29 million.

The property located on a cliff has three rooms in 167 m² and is built on a large 1.3-hectare site filled with different species of trees. To enjoy the green and blue landscape, and in line with post-pandemic real estate trends, all rooms in the house have large windows that let in natural light and connect the outside with the inside.

The living room has a large window overlooking the Pacific Ocean
The living room has a large window overlooking the Pacific OceanSotheby’s International Realty

Framed by floor-to-ceiling windows, the living room sports white walls, ceiling and floor, just like the rest of the house. To cut with the monochrome style, the actress agreed to a decoration with earth colors that contrast the clarity from a large brown rug, a pair of leather armchairs and two pieces of furniture in the same tone. Even so, the natural color is also present in a large three-body armchair, another individual and in the pot of one of the internal plants.

As for one of the bedrooms, a light wallpaper with flowers and a rug with tribal symbols in blue and brown also dull a bit the brightness of the white ceiling, the curtains and the linen. In this room, both the bed and the chest of drawers and a small table are made of light wood.

The main room has a rug with tribal symbols
The main room has a rug with tribal symbolsSotheby’s International Realty

An environment that is almost completely white is the bathroom, embodied mainly in the white bricks that dress the room. With a double sink, it has two gold-framed mirrors that match the taps. In addition, the room is separated into two and the bathing area integrates the shower and bathtub into a large square.

The bathroom is dressed by walls with white bricks
The bathroom is dressed by walls with white bricksSotheby’s International Realty

Property was not always like this. Stone made a series of changes to renew the spaces, such as the renovation of the kitchen and dining room. Here you can see the painted brick, a skylight over the main counter and bright cabinets.

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