In pictures, the winners of the 2022 International Dog Photography Contest

(CNN Spanish) — Professional, amateur and amateur photographers from various countries participated in the annual Dog Photography Awards, a contest that was born two years ago and that specializes in precisely that: taking impressive photos of these beautiful animals.

This year the winners have already been chosen in four categories: Portrait and Landscape, Study, Action, and Dogs and People, which show the best photos of dogs from around the world mounting their skills.

The winners of the 2023 dog photography awards will win prizes of up to 2,000 euros (about US$2,200) as well as recognition in various media, according to the contest website, which for this version received more than 1,400 applications from participants from more than 50 countries.

Category: Portraits and landscapes

Winner: The Avalanche Rescue Dog

(Credit: Dalia Fichan / Dog Photography Awards)

Photographer Dalia Fichan was the first place winner in this category with a photo showing one of the avalanche rescue dogs in Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland “rescuing” her as she ducked under an ice cave to capture the moment.

“The moment when the snow cover breaks, the first ray of light penetrates the cave, the paws dig the snow and the dog’s muzzle sniffs at you is wonderful,” the photographer wrote.

Second place: Amber, my Dalmatian

(Credit: Sophia Hutchinson/Dog Photography Awards)

Sophia Hutchinson, second place winner in this category, says this photo is very special because it was the first time she was able to go for a walk with her dog Amber since she had surgery on both legs. “It fills me with emotion to see her so independent and captivated by the beauty of nature and wildlife,” Hutchinson wrote.

Third Place: Greenland Dogs

(Credit: Joanne Liu/Dog Photography Awards)

Photographer Joanne Liu shows a Greenland dog in this image, according to the contest website. They are animals used in Greenland as sled dogs that in this image behave in their natural habitat on land provided to them by the Government.

“Pups up to 6 months of age can roam free to socialize and are friendly and playful. Adults are chained and kept apart. Housing and veterinary care are provided by the government,” the image describes.

Category Action

Winner: Francesco Junior Mura

(Credit: Francesco Junior Mura / Dog Photography Awards)

Taken during an Agility contest in Italy, the winner of this photo portrays the first obstacle that this specimen must cross in a canine agility contest.

“There, where it all begins, where the bond between Human and Dog is expressed so clearly by such a magnetic look, where you can see the power of the dog’s muscles contracting and releasing energy with each movement of the handler’s head” wrote Mura, who won first place in the Action category.

Second place: Disc dog

(Credit: Kjara Kocbek / Dog Photography Awards)

Photographer Kjara Kocbek took second place in this competition with this beautiful action shot of an Australian Shepherd jumping while practicing disc dog with his handler on a cold, lonely morning in Slovenia.

Third place

(Credit: Julia Haßelkuß / Dog Photography Awards)

Julia Haßelkuß takes this image of a pristine landscape in Norway, which despite being cold and foggy, sought to create “a friendly sunny view” with this friend in the background.

studio photographs

Winner: Things are looking up

(Credit: Su Kaye/Dog Photography Awards)

Photographer Su Kaye won first place in this category with this portrait showing a pup with many wrinkles on its chin in a peculiar pose.

“It’s not something I’ve seen other people do and it has created a great response and good reactions,” the photographer wrote about this winning portrait.

Second place

(Credit: Jane Thomson/Dog Photography Awards)

Jane Thomson won second place in this category with the photograph of “Mimi” a chitzu dog looking up from behind, showing us her silver and gold fur.

Third place

(Credit: Daniela Schmid / Dog Photography Awards)

Daniela Schmid took third place in this category with this sweet photograph of a newborn puppy sleeping peacefully in the hands of a person.

dogs and people

First Place: Unconditional Love

(Credit: Sabrina Theden/Dog Photography Awards)

Sabrina Theden, speaks to us in this image of “unconditional love”, as the photo is called. Taken at the Railway Museum in Great Britain, Theden shows us a connection between dog and human that goes beyond loyalty.

Second place

(Credit: Sarah Ebner/Dog Photography Awards)

This Sarah Ebner photo of a woman playing at sunset in the middle of a meadow with her dogs took second place in the Dogs and People category.

Third place

(Credit: Russell Charters/Dog Photography Awards)

Finally, photographer Russell Charters took third place with this photo taken with his drone of his partner and their dog, Luna, walking on the beach.

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