In serious condition a minor who was bitten by a shark in Florida

Miami- A minor who bathed this Thursday at Keaton Beach in Taylor County, in northwestern Floridahad to be hospitalized with serious injuries after being bitten by a shark, local media reported.

The teen was jumping into 5-foot (1.5-meter) deep water off Grassy Island when she was attacked by a nine-foot (2.74-meter) long shark.

The authorities have not yet been able to determine what type of shark was the one that attacked the minor, who had to be rushed by plane to a hospital.

Apparently, a member of the family jumped into the water and began to hit the shark until the animal released her, according to several media reports.

The age of the victim was not specified, only that she was a teenager.

The International Shark Attack File (ISAF), an entity of the University of Florida that is considered the world’s leading authority on the subject, published its annual report last January, in which It is recorded that nine people lost their lives in 2021 due to “unprovoked” shark bites.

ISAF investigated 137 suspected human-shark interactions recorded worldwide in 2021 and confirmed 73 unprovoked and 39 provoked shark bites on humans.

The report shows that the risk of a person being bitten by a shark is “extremely low”, although the chances increase if someone practices surfing or another board sport.

With information from EFE.

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