In Spain another 100 Bitcoin ATMs | Madrid is a candidate for EU crypto leader

Something moves in Europe, or rather in Spain. Others will soon be installed by our cousins 100 Bitcoin ATMs, which will bring the total number to about 300. A very interesting number, which also fits into an attitude pro-Bitcoin which is also forming at the top of Spanish politics.

In fact, as we will see in our in-depth analysis, some parliamentarians are already fighting to try to transform the Spain in a kind of crypto-hub, basically a country friend of cryptocurrencies, of Bitcoin and the technologies they incorporate.

Madrid Leader Bitcoin - another 100 ATMs arrive
Another 100 Bitcoin ATMs in Spain – Madrid ranks as leader

Merciless comparison with thatItaly of the now famous UniCredit’s turnaround and where the authorities, particularly the financial ones, continue to disseminate communications on the dangers these technologies represent.

Waiting for something to also move in Italy, let’s see what’s happening to Madrid and surroundings, in a country that is now proceeding to huge steps towards the future, leaving ours behind too.

100 new ATMs arrive from the collaboration between Bitnovo and Eurocoin

Collaboration is an important one – and it will bring residents in Spain to have access to further 100 ATM through which they will be able to purchase Bitcoin, bringing the number of ATM, or of ATM in the country they offer BTC about 300.

Everything comes from one cooperation between Bitnovo And Eurocoin, with a strategic move that brings for the first time the second of the groups within the space of cryptocurrencies. A sign that something, at least in Spain, is changing and that therefore we will be able, at least in the lands of ours cousins, decide freely and even without passing by exchange to change ours EUR in $ BTC.

All this while in Italy, even on this front, yes languishes. Not only are there very few ATM in the country, but also on the political level, few are interested in the affair, while in Spain there have been requests for intervention important also in relation to the situation in Kazakhstan.

Spain aims to become Europe’s true crypto hub

And it will have a good time doing it, given that precisely there are no countries that for the moment seem capable of blocking its way. There Germany remains a leader in i financial products, seat of the principals ETF and of the main companies that operate in Bitcoin. But on the usage side actual, which should also be separated from cryptocurrency trading, there are gods huge voids that a country like the Spain is trying to fill.

Also passing through the parliament, where despite the fact that it remained a dead letter, there was the initiative of Maria Muñoz, who proposed a series of initiatives to encourage the arrival of miner and other operators in the sector just a Madrid.

An initiative that in all likelihood will be proposed again, in the hope that it will be successful input to whom in Italy could be interested in the affair, for a village which at least up to now hasn’t shown much friendly against nor of Bitcoin nor the rest of the market.

Bitcoin will he speak Spanish in Europe? Probably, even if the hope that you also speak a little Italian will be the last to die, at least up, which will continue to fight for the dissemination not only of the financial aspects, but also of the functional ones, which are the most important part of this enormous revolution.

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