In the first months of 2023, women set records in music

Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Rosalía, Karol G, Selena Gómez or Beyoncé lead the music industry andin the present

The Angels.Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Rosalia, Karol G… 2023 belongs, without a doubt, to the women. And it is in the industry music where greater dominance is shown, breaking important records. This March 8 is a good date to highlight women’s contributions.

A McKinsey study reveals that companies that decide to form inclusive teamshave a 25 percent chance of being more profitable, compared to companies that, for whatever reason, do not promote this type of organizational culture.

As the international media “Merca 2.0” reports, there is a new wave of artists who, taking into account their position in the industry itself, decide to take the discourse of inclusion to all possible platforms, as happened in the last edition of Super Bowl, where Rihanna left a very clear message when she appeared, amid the paraphernalia that the event entails, pregnant and consolidating herself in the digital conversation.

ShakiraCarol G. Miley CyrusBeyoncé and Rihanna herself are the ones that dominate on practically all the platforms of music streaming.

Taking a look at the graph deposited at the top, Shakira and her collaboration with BZRP became the best Latin premiere in the industry, accumulating in a very short time 14 million views on Spotify and 64 million views on YouTube.

Infographic prepared by the international media Marca 2.0, which highlights the contributions of women in music.

Similarly, on Spotify, Karol G’s most recent album was consolidated as the best debut album by a female artist with some 32 million views in a few minutes after its release.

Rihanna, in addition to her speech, made her show the most watched in Super Bowl history, gathering 118.7 million viewers.

Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé also have their own achievements, showing that, in the musicthe feminine voice is more powerful every time.

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