In the last 24 hours, the positive rate was peaking

Below 6%. Whether this is an exception or a trend that will strengthen remains to be seen

“There are 252 new positivity of residents in Polesine detected on 4,350 swabs performed in the province between antigenic and molecular. The positivity rate for the past 7 days (new cases found on the total number of people tested in the period) is equal to 10.28%. There were 219 new healings; 3,113 people are currently positive in the province “.

This is explained by the daily bulletin issued by Ulss 5 Polesana, the Polesine health company, on the progress of the infection in the province. In the last 24 hours, therefore, the positivity rate showed a decidedly low result: 5.7%. It now remains to be seen whether this is an occasional occurrence or a trend that will consolidate.

Deaths. “We must, unfortunately – continues the bulletin – report the death of a person residing in the province of Rovigo with positive Covid-19, who died at our facilities. She was hospitalized in Infectious Diseases in Rovigo”. “My condolences and those of the company go to the family” says the General Manager, Dr. Patrizia Simionato.

Admissions. “Currently there are 16 patients hospitalized in our hospital facilities for Covid-19, precisely:

14 patients in the Covid Medical Area in Trecenta

· 1 patient in Infectious Diseases in Rovigo

· 1 patient in the Intensive Area in Rovigo

In addition, there are 5 patients admitted to the Covid Community Hospital in Trecenta “.

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