In the middle of 2022, nobody understands that Apple continues to sell these devices


Apple is still selling completely outdated devices in the middle of 2022, it doesn’t make any sense.

Apple has many devices for sale, and there are some of them that we do not understand how they are still selling in the middle of 2022. These Devices have been around for years and are completely out of date, both because of the type of device they are and because of their internal specifications. Clafrmnte, they are not recommended devices in 2022.

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Apple continues to sell completely outdated devices

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 has been selling since its launch in 2017, after the arrival of the Series 4, it was positioned as an affordable alternative. However, it has been selling for two years now without being a recommended alternative.

first because its price hasn’t dropped for years, despite the fact that it is getting older and its processor is lagging behind. And then for some of its specifications, the little internal storage makes updates a real nightmare and its chip is 32 bitbeing almost the only device that Apple sells with a 32-bit chip.

Of course it is a device out of time. Apple should have stopped selling it for at least two years. It seems clear that Apple will stop selling it this yearand it is certainly not one of the recommended Apple Watch of 2022.

ipod touch

I didn’t have much of an explanation. Apple will continue to keep the iPod touch in its catalog, beyond nostalgia. It was the only iPod Apple still sold, having launched in 2019 with the same A10 chip as the iPhone 7 and no design changes. It had not been updated since then, and that is why Apple announced this week that it is going to stop selling it.

ipod touch 7

The iPod touch is compatible with iOS 15 and is one of the cheapest Apple products

The iPod touch is priced at €239 for the 32GB model and will be sold while supplies last. Yes, it is the cheapest iOS devicebut perhaps a better alternative is a previous generation iPhone SE, which can be had at these prices.


If the Apple TV, as a device concept, already seems like a device that needs to be refocused, the HD model that costs a whopping €159 It’s completely out of date uses the A8 chip used by the iPhone 6. The 4K model costs 199 euros and has a much more powerful processor, the A12 Bionic.

The price has not gone down for years and, clearly, It is not a recommended option if you want an Apple TV. For just a few euros more you can get a more powerful model that will be updated for many more years.

Curiously, they are devices that not even Apple wants you to buy. Both in the physical Apple Store and in the online store itself, Apple has these hidden devices and you have to look for them to find them. The reason why they continue to be sold is only known by Apple, but they will surely stop being sold very soon.

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