In the middle of the wedding and in front of his whole family, a man exposes his fiancee’s infidelity

One of the most popular and important celebrations to show affection for another person is marriage. In general, this meeting depends on each culture and basically it is a ceremony in which two people agree on their love for life. However it is not always so.

Thanks to the power of social networks, a case of infidelity went viral all over the internet. Through TikTok, in 2019 a wedding couple was ready to receive the blessing and agree on their love, but what began as a family and symbolic event ended in the declaration and exposure of infidelity on the part of one of the celebrated.

On this occasion, it was the groom who did not remain silent and revealed that the woman with whom he was going to marry was unfaithful.

Before everything was uncovered, the pair of boyfriends entered the place where the marriage act was going to be contracted. As in most of these celebrations, there were applause of welcome, shouts and cheers, but the demonstrations changed when out of nowhere a piece of video appeared at the back of the meeting room.

Initially, an image of hearts and representative for the occasion was projected, but it disappears and the video of the infidelity test is immediately attached.

When revealed, several of the guests ran to catch each of the bride and groom to avoid a fight, Well, the bride threw her bouquet of flowers, while the one who was going to be her husband took momentum to grab her. However, until that moment the clip arrives.

The viral publication was shared by a user of the Chinese social network and its acceptance has been so fast that in a week it already has more than seven million views, thousands of likes and comments.

Among the most recent points of view that can be read are: “We request a second part”; “Why did he make her parents spend all that money on the wedding?”; “She will never forget him and will always haunt her”; “People of all cultures no longer take deception lightly. I love this for him”; “The photographer trying to take photos during the fight”, are several of the comments that can be seen on TikTok.

Next, the viral piece of video titled “cheating girlfriend”:

Musician breaks down in tears upon learning that he was hired for his ex’s marriage

In Mexico, a wedding was held and some musicians were contracted for it, without expecting that one of the performers would be the bride’s ex-partner.

As several of the contracts for celebrations, Those in charge contacted a group of musicians who came to an event hall to play in front of the newly married couple. However, at that moment the trumpeter of the band realized that the party was his ex-partner and, immediately, he cannot hide his reaction.

“I had to work at my ex’s wedding,” reads the video.

While the celebrated one made a toast with her now husband, on the other side of the event hall was the musician, who could not hide his feelings, so a couple of tears began to roll from his face.

However, despite the sentimental moment, the musician received a glass of champagne from his former father-in-law.

“But my ex-father-in-law still takes care of me,” is heard in the viral video. Thus, while the man dries his tears, the father of his ex-partner arrives to give him a drink and show him that he still retains the affection that was present at some point.

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