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In Vatican “does not command Pope francesco“. She is convinced of it Benedicte Lutaud, French journalist of the Figaro, author of the book The women of the Popes (Guerini and associates) with which he wants to highlight the often hidden female figures most influential in the Church of the last 90 years. All journalists, confidants, personal secretaries of the Popes, from the German nun Pascalina Lehnert (nicknamed La Popessa, housekeeper and nurse of Pius XII. at his side also on his deathbed) to the archaeologist Hermine Speier, (“Woman, foreign, Jewish rather than Catholic. Yet she was the first hired in the Vatican”).

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On Pascalina and Papa Pacelli, at the time of the Second World War, there were rumors of a “tender friendship”. “I don’t believe it – denies Lutaud -. Just as I don’t believe in the story of the ‘intimate relationship’ between the archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit, And Laetitia Calmeyn. They are gossip. We are talking about an esteemed Belgian theologian, a consecrated virgin. His life was no secret to anyone. “Behind the latest scandal in the Church, in short, there would be more:” Politics has something to do with it, not the skirt. He had made many enemies on multiple dossiers, displeasing left and right with his rough ways, certainly no more rough than those that Pope Francis sometimes demonstrates “.

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Yes, Bergoglio. Stands out Lucetta Scaraffia, chosen by Benedict XVI to found and direct World Church Women, monthly supplement ofObserver Romanor. Known as “the feminist of the Vatican”, remembers Lutaud al Corriere della Sera, was “also much appreciated by Francesco, who wrote the preface of one of his books and called her on his cell phone”. Then the sudden break, due to the very hard essay From the last counter, in which Saraffia told of having been isolated and in fact mobbed as the only woman summoned to synod on the family. And her accusations of clergy abuses of nuns didn’t help. There is talk of women “forced to have abortions” and of “nuns reduced to servants without the pay of cardinals and bishops”. Francis no longer defended it, because in the Vatican “the Roman curia commands”, not the Pontiff. Now Scaraffia is “very disappointed, I would say indignant. But she continues to love the Pope and the Church”. Not reciprocated.

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