Income tax cut 2022, what changes? Rates, deductions and bonuses: that’s who earns them

March will be the moment of truth to evaluate the effects of the IRPEF reform implemented by the government with the Budget law for 2022. In that month, in fact, employers will begin to apply the new rates and tax deductions as amended by the rules that have just entered into force. At the same time another great novelty will take place, the single and universal allowance for children, which includes, among other things, the specific personal income tax deductions for dependent children and the allowances to the family unit until now reserved for employees.

Irpef 2022, how it changes

Hence, many workers will find themselves confronted to a different picture: the tax will be lower, but the two items mentioned above which helped to increase the net will also disappear from the payslip. While the amount of the check will be sent separately by INPS to the current account. Therefore it will be necessary to compare everything to get the correct overall picture.

The Foundation for Labor Consultants Studies with its circular anticipated the main effects of the reform, verifying the benefits for the various categories of taxpayers. “From the first screenings made – says Rosario De Luca, President of the Foundation for Labor Consultants Studies – a situation of rewarding clearly arises for medium-high incomes. There is no room for great optimism regarding the overall quantification of all the changes made: the 2022 payslips will reserve various surprises and, in many cases, not positive “.

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