Incredible Transformations: Julien Doré, Aya Nakamura… look-alikes participate in the program, Internet users are not convinced (ZapTV)

This is a special episode that awaits viewers ofIncredible Transformations. On this Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Nicolas Waldorf has reserved a nice surprise for his colleagues. The latter were able to discover a host of stars… Except for a few details.

On May 31, Nicolas Waldorf fell under the spell of one of the candidates of the show Incredible Transformations. In question ? Her incredible hair, which had quickly caught the eye of the program’s emblematic hairdresser. “Oh the hair! I want to braid you all day long, you’re beautiful! I’m going to hide in your hair. Hair like this is a hairdresser’s dream, we can do anything with, pigtails, curls, braids of all shapes”he had revealed in front of the cameras, charmed.

Unfortunately, on this Wednesday, June 22, 2022, the candidates did not have the same effect. Indeed, in a new unreleased episode ofIncredible Transformations, the latter were able to discover, as the makeover program progressed, familiar faces from the French and international media scene.

A true moment of television

In order to delight his colleagues, as well as the fans ofIncredible TransformationsNicolas Waldorf once again acted up by surprisingly inviting a handful of artist look-alikes of all kinds. Rihanna, Julien Doré, Ryan Gosling, M. Pokora, Séverine Ferrer, Boy George or even Aya Nakamura…. All made the trip to the set of the show. Finally, in the guise of ordinary people who, according to those around them, a great resemblance to one of our many favorite stars.

While experts fromIncredible Transformations were quickly charmed by the candidates, Internet users, meanwhile, did not fail to show their disappointment through their comments posted on Twitter. “Julien Doré, lol!! If he looks like Julien Doré, I look like Julia Roberts“, “So it’s more Ryan than Gosling”, “The show should be called the worst lookalike, there Aya’s lookalike would win straight”, “Mdr the Mr. Pokora I almost choked”, “It’s Matt pot Cora there”“Rihanna must have died of laughter seeing that…”, they exclaimed. A makeover, to get closer to the stars?

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