Incredibly rich and big tomatoes, all the tricks to make it

There are several tricks to grow and obtain large and tasty tomatoes, you just have to take some precautions when taking care of the garden.

A giant tomato (Canva) –

The dream of every person who has their own garden and grows tomatoes is to harvest these fruits when they are gigantic and super rich. Getting delicious tomatoes is not difficult, you just need put into practice some tricks suggested by the experts. They are not few, but they can all be put into practice in a very simple way.

For example, the first precaution to take is related to irrigation. Since tomatoes need constant watering, in order not to rot it is necessary to water continuously, using a type of drip irrigation, an easy technique to put into practice. Once we have perfected our irrigation system, we can go on to fertilize.

The Tricks Needed to Grow and Harvest Big, Tasty Tomatoes

Healthy and ripe tomatoes (Canva) –

Fertilization takes place during fruiting. One of the best fertilizers is represented by macerated manure and mixed with water and banana peels, to obtain a potassium rich fertilizer. But you can also add it to the mix. nettle macerate or wild herbs. This pungent-smelling organic fertilizer should be applied to the base of the tomato plant.

One glass per seedling is enough., to pour directly into the soil, next to the roots. Another trick to get healthy and good-sized tomatoes is place the appropriate supports. Due to the weight of the fruit, it is essential to tie the seedlings to the appropriate supports of wood or bamboo, but a plastic bar will also work. Another little trick is to cut off the top of the seedlingin case it exceeds the height of the support.

Cutting the crown does not compromise the health of the plant, that will concentrate the energies below, giving rise to new shoots from the base. To obtain a healthy harvest it is essential remove all diseased leaves and fruit, especially if the seedling is attacked by fungi. We use sterilized scissors to remove dry or dead twigs and leaves, as well we will stop the spread of disease.

A few little tips for growing tomatoes.

Large Tomatoes (Canva) –

Obviously, all the leaves that we cut should not remain on the ground, because we run the risk of contaminating other vegetation. We collect the cut and diseased leaves and twigs and burn them in a metal container. In addition to fungal diseases, attention should be paid to any parasite infestation. For this reason, we eliminate, along with the leaves, also insects, eggs and cobwebs, allowing the seedling to breathe.

Wasps and ladybugs help the plant., since they eat parasites. The important thing is to know that the tomato, even when it is not completely ripe, it can be separated from the plant and brought inside. When to do it? As soon as the fruit begins to turn red on the skin. It will finish maturing in the basket at home, away from the attack of insects and diseases. Its flavor will not be altered.

Also there tomato varieties to consider It affects the quality of the harvest. It’s critic grow the right variety according to the climatic conditions of the area in which you live. Finally, the last trick is to prune from the middle of the plant upwards, trying to give greater consistency to the lower part of the plant. In this way the plant will be more manageable and won’t grow too big.

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