‘Indian Sun’, the new technique to give light reflections to hair

Every time we look for a new technique to give reflections to the hair without it suffering more than necessary, we investigated in depth until we found a method that really satisfies us. We love the type wicks balayageLet no one get us wrong, but at this point, when they have been in our lives for so long, we feel like a change. In their day, they were a healthier alternative for our hair than the well-known Californian wicks, but we are convinced that it is time to evolve and go one step further. Of course, the little push that we needed has been given to us from Frank Provostwhere they propose a new method called indian sun, which is just what we were looking for.

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How is the technique indian sun?

The experts at Franck Provost They tell us that it is an option that fills the hair with light and shine, starting with bleaching as, attention, does not damage the hair and requires very little maintenance. “Many celebrities they are leaving technique behind balayage to switch to a formula that does not damage the scalp and hair so much. The secret is that let natural hair breathe and the dyed part go down just a couple of tones the natural color, so discoloration is not harmful. Olivia Palermo, Margot Robbie or Jessica Biel are some of the celebrities who have opted for this style to gain naturalness”, they explain to us.

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Although they have been using it in their salons for a few years, now the technique has evolved, perfecting the products they use so that they are as less aggressive as possible for the hair. In addition, they now create a maximum of eight points of light near the facial oval, so that the face looks brighter and the hair shinier, playing with the tones to imitate the reflections of the sun in our hair. “A freehand brush technique is used, professionally choosing the points of the head where these highlights should be located. A tone similar to the original is adopted, so the result is more natural than what we know so far with the balayage. Being a subtle technique, it does not leave a mark, so the final finish is not artificial. As the tone drop is only applied to eight points of the hair, the rest of the hair looks natural and free of any chemical, letting it breathe to improve its appearance”, they assure.

Who favors this type of wicks?

As they clarify from Franck Provost, all types of traits can take advantage of them, since they are made in a personalized way. And as for color, this is what they tell us: “Blondes will have a blonder tone at these more marked points, sweetening the face and leaving hair as radiant as the sun. On the other hand, for brunettes this technique provides a light, fun and very classy contrast”.

As you can see, it is suitable for everyone. And don’t worry, because its maintenance is not excessive: “Since they are localized oxidation spots, they just have to stay hydrated and use products that respect the color and shine of the coloration. What is true is that with constant washing you can tone it down by changing the color a bit. However, there will be no problem if you use the right products and go to your trusted salon every two or three months to be able to touch up your new look”, they advise.

Ready to light your hair with this change?

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