Indiana Jones 5, turns to Cefalù, Harrison Ford has arrived


The Indiana Jones 5 troupe lands in Sicily: director James Mangold is already active, Cefalù is back in the late 1960s, shooting from 7 to 11.

After No Time to Die in Matera, Indiana Jones 5 lands in Cefalù! Filming of the fifth chapter of the saga with Harrison Ford continue around the world, and it seems that the actor has recently arrived in Sicily. What is certain is that several areas of Cefalù are being transformed to host that portion of the work, which will begin on 7 October and will end on 11 (but from 4 it is already shooting elsewhere on the island): it seems that Disney has total invested on 20 million euros for the Sicilian shoot, which they will also include Segesta, Syracuse And Marsala (this is a figure similar to that allocated by MGM for the latest Bond).
Looking at the figures published by Repubblica, one gets an interesting idea of ​​what it entails moving a set of this magnitude, both for the costs and for the money that flows into the communities that host it: 400 rooms booked in six hotels for almost 400,000 euros, while the stars have rented villas for 20,000 euros each or so. Most importantly, all the exercises turned into activity of the late sixties (“Farmacia Centrale”, “Clemente Caffè”, “Bellomo fotografia”) will receive compensation between 300 and 2,000 euros for forced closures on shooting days, with some premises in Piazza Duomo which seems to have received much more. This without counting the money paid for catering, extras, cars of the time treated …
The first inspections took place in March, but in recent days someone has seen the good man wandering through the streets of Cefalù. James Mangold, director of the feature film (which we remember Steven Spielberg this time he limits himself to producing). Indiana Jones 5 will arrive in theaters in July 2022, and also stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Kretschmann, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renée Wilson and Toby Jones (not to mention some predictable “surprises”).
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