Indiba supports the European Scientific Meeting on Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

The third Scientific Meeting of the European College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (CVSMR) is celebrated in the city of Pula (Croatia) from September 29 to October 1.

Sports medicine and rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary specialty that involves the physical and clinical examination, the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries and disorders, and the rehabilitation of animal health through a holistic approach. Treatments can range from controlled exercise, functional training, manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, and physical modalities.

Veterinarians and professionals in the animal sector who dedicate their work to this specific area of ​​veterinary medicine need to have all the appropriate tools and knowledge to ensure the correct diagnosis and the best approach to treatment.

For this reason, the veterinary rehabilitation brand Indiba Animal Healthwho will come to Pula as Silver Sponsorwill have a team of experts who will cover the most important aspects of handling sport and working animals.


The ‘Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning’ (VAHL) will offer an award for the best promising research project or scientific abstract of a ECVSMR resident. For the second consecutive year, during the ‘ECVSMR Meeting’, the VAHL Research Awards will be presented during the welcome reception.

Indiba Animal Health actively collaborates with the VAHL, and assures that it will be participating in said moment “of great prestige” for the veterinary scientific community.

Lastly, the brand invites you to come to its stand and learn more about its technology, to get to know its devices in depth, even being able to try the new Equus, the first device for the treatment of horses completely conceived and designed for the equestrian environment that Indiba launched in early July.

The new device includes innovations in its materials Y designpresenting itself as a modern and resistant product, but much more compact and lighter, without losing its maximum power.

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