Indirect to Canelo Angulo? Former Chivas scorer sent a peculiar welcome message to Pocho Guzmán


A former Guadalajara player published a controversial message on social networks where he had to “introduce himself”.


At Chivas they are working on generating a restructuring in all sports areas so that little by little the institution can obtain positive results, so the new Sports Director, Fernando Hierro, has started to make some changescreating some outputs of footballers for being able to incorporate new ones, being Víctor Guzmán the most important.

the illusion of create a new Guadalajara with winning DNA It is something that fills even ex-players with enthusiasm, so one of the most important of the decade of the 90s, sent an emotional welcome to Pocho after his return to the set of the Pearl of the West, although he did it in a peculiar way.

Nacho Vázquez was an extremely important attacker during the Super Chivas era, scoring several goals that were crucial for the rojiblanca cause; However, a few months ago a controversy arose because the now ex-player of the Flock, Jesús Canelo Angulo openly expressed that he did not know the former goalscorerprovoking criticism from a sector of the fans.

Faced with this situation, Vázquez wrote a message on his Twitter account where He took the opportunity to “introduce himself” when replying to a message from Peight Guzmán where the former Pachuca player expressed his desire to get the number 13 star.

When will Chivas debut in Liga MX?

After concluding his participation in the Sky Cup, Guadalajara will already work to prepare its presentation at the Clausura 2023, same as the next Saturday January 7, 2023 when the people from Guadalajara visit Rayados on the field of the BBVA Stadium.

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